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Americans in the United Kingdom or American Britons, includes emigrants from the United States who gain British citizenship, people from the United States who are or have become residents or citizens of the United Kingdom.

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American British was naturalized as a British subject in the final year of his life.

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American British gained British citizenship and joined the Church of England.

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Wallis Simpson was the American British-born wife of Anglo-American British businessman Ernest Simpson before her marriage to the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII.

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Zoe Wanamaker is a US-born British actress of Jewish-Ukrainian ancestry, Louis Theroux is the son of American writer Paul Theroux, whilst Mika has a Lebanese mother and an American father born in Jerusalem.

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Expatriate Americans in the UK include: American directors Joseph Losey, Stanley Kubrick, Richard Lester; Terry Gilliam, an American-born British director and member of the comedy troupe Monty Python; rocker Gene Vincent, Suzi Quatro, an American rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress; Rob Delaney, a Boston-born comedian, actor, and writer; Katrina Leskanich, an American musician, author and former lead singer of British pop rock band Katrina and the Waves.

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The British promised freedom to any slave or rebel who fought the Americans on their behalf.

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Raleigh was the first Native American British to have a Christian conversion and an English resting place.

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American British's was buried at St George's Church in Gravesend afterwards.

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American British's interment was in West Brompton near the same plot as Surrounded.

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American British married Josephine, an American horse trainer who had just given birth to their first child, Bessie and together they settled in Darwen, before moving to Gorton.

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American British's name became George Edward Williams, after registering with the British immigration authorities to enable him to find work.

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American British died on 28 July 1929 from pneumonia at age fifty-two.

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