41 Facts About Andrew Breitbart


Andrew James Breitbart was an American conservative journalist and political commentator who was the founder of Breitbart News and a co-founder of HuffPost.


Commenters such as Nick Gillespie and Conor Friedersdorf have credited Andrew Breitbart with changing how people wrote about politics by "show[ing] how the Internet could be used to route around information bottlenecks imposed by official spokesmen and legacy news outlets".


Andrew Breitbart was born to Irish American parents in Los Angeles on February 1,1969.


Andrew Breitbart studied at Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah.


Andrew Breitbart attended Brentwood School, one of the country's top private schools, but did not distinguish himself, saying: "My sense of humor saved me".


Andrew Breitbart would remain "proudly and playfully Jewish" throughout his life, although not always religiously observant.


Andrew Breitbart would sing Hebrew songs at work while teasing his Orthodox Jewish colleagues for keeping to a kosher diet.


Andrew Breitbart was a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2009.


Andrew Breitbart later described himself as "a Reagan conservative" with libertarian sympathies.


Andrew Breitbart has been lauded for his role in the "evolution of pioneering websites" including The Huffington Post and The Drudge Report, and later, for Andrew Breitbart News.


Journalists such as Nick Gillespie and Conor Friedersdorf have credited Andrew Breitbart with bringing new voices to debates about politics and culture.


Andrew Breitbart has been recognized for adopting an inclusive stance with regard to the participation of gay people in the conservative movement.


Andrew Breitbart has been credited with helping to derail conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's citizenship.


In 1995, Andrew Breitbart saw The Drudge Report and was so impressed that he e-mailed Matt Drudge.


Later, Drudge introduced him to a then still-Republican Arianna Huffington and Andrew Breitbart subsequently assisted in the creation of The Huffington Post.


Andrew Breitbart wrote a weekly column for The Washington Times, which appeared at Real Clear Politics.


Andrew Breitbart co-wrote the book Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon with Mark Ebner, a book that is highly critical of US celebrity culture.


On January 19,2011, the conservative gay rights group GOProud announced Andrew Breitbart had joined its Advisory Council.


Andrew Breitbart launched his first website as a news site; it is often linked to by the Drudge Report and other websites.


Andrew Breitbart himself maintained that he stated this in his article about it, and that the purpose of the video was to show the crowd's positive reaction to Sherrod's statements about discriminating against the white farmer.


In July 2015, it was reported that Sherrod and Andrew Breitbart's estate had reached a tentative settlement.


In June 2011, Andrew Breitbart's websites broke the story that congressman Anthony Weiner was sending underage females revealing photographs of himself.


In 2009, Andrew Breitbart appeared as a commentator on Real Time with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller.


Andrew Breitbart appeared as a commentator in the 2004 documentary Michael Moore Hates America.


On October 22,2009, Andrew Breitbart appeared on the C-SPAN program Washington Journal.


Andrew Breitbart gave his opinions on the mainstream media, Hollywood, the Obama Administration and his personal political views, having heated debates with several callers.


In February 2010, Andrew Breitbart received the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC During his acceptance speech, he responded directly to accusations by The New York Times reporter Kate Zernike that Jason Mattera, a young conservative activist, had been using "racial tones" in his allusions to President Barack Obama, and had spoken in a "Chris Rock voice".


In 2011, Andrew Breitbart said that "of course" Donald Trump was not a conservative, adding:.


Andrew Breitbart often appeared as a speaker at Tea Party movement events across the US For example, Andrew Breitbart was a speaker at the first National Tea Party Convention at Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville on February 6,2010.


Andrew Breitbart later involved himself in a controversy over allegations of homophobic and racial slurs being used at a March 20,2010, rally at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, by asserting that slurs were never used, and that "it was a set-up" by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.


Andrew Breitbart's reputation is on the line as a result of her desperation to take down the Tea Party movement.


In February 2012, a YouTube video showed Andrew Breitbart yelling at Occupy DC protesters outside a Washington hotel hosting a Conservative Political Action Conference.


Andrew Breitbart appeared posthumously in Occupy Unmasked, a documentary film by Steve Bannon that contends that the Occupy Wall Street movement of "largely naive students and legitimately concerned citizens looking for answers" is actually orchestrated by sinister, violent, and organized leaders with the purpose of not just changing, but destroying the American government.


The Andrew Breitbart Doctrine is the idea that "politics is downstream from culture" and that to change politics one must first change culture.


Andrew Breitbart had previously described himself as a Democrat but shifted towards being conservative after witnessing the Democrats' treatment of Clarence Thomas during his senate confirmation hearing.


Andrew Breitbart supported legalization of prostitution, gay rights, and drug liberalization.


Andrew Breitbart was an opponent of multiculturalism and political correctness.


Andrew Breitbart argued for US military intervention in Syria, North Korea, Iran, and China for humanitarian reasons.


Andrew Breitbart was a proponent of the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory, claiming there are academics attempting to undermine western culture.


Andrew Breitbart was married to Susannah Bean, the daughter of actor Orson Bean and fashion designer Carolyn Maxwell, and had four children.


Andrew Breitbart's burial was in the Jewish cemetery Hillside Memorial Park.