16 Facts About Andrew Breitbart

1. In 2008, Andrew Breitbart launched the website "Big Hollywood", a group blog by individuals working in Hollywood.

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2. Andrew Breitbart collapsed and died in 2012 while taking a nighttime walk near his home in Brentwood.

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3. Andrew Breitbart left The Huffington Post and founded his own site for news and political activism, Breitbart.

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4. Andrew Breitbart wants it known that O'Keefe's enterprises—though funded by him—are the work of O'Keefe alone.

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5. Andrew Breitbart makes a distinction between this income and a "salary" because the word "salary" implies that O'Keefe is an employee of Breitbart's and therefore answerable to him.

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6. Andrew Breitbart was buried in the Jewish plot at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.

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7. Andrew Breitbart gave his opinions on the mainstream media, Hollywood, the Obama Administration and his personal political views, having heated debates with several callers.

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8. Andrew Breitbart appeared as a commentator in the 2004 documentary Michael Moore Hates America.

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9. In 2009, Andrew Breitbart appeared as a commentator on Real Time with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller.

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10. Andrew Breitbart launched his first website as a news site; it is often linked to by the Drudge Report and other websites.

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11. Andrew Breitbart wrote a weekly column for The Washington Times, which appeared at Real Clear Politics.

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12. Andrew Breitbart would remain "proudly and playfully Jewish" throughout his life, although not always religiously observant.

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13. Andrew Breitbart attended Brentwood School, one of the country's top private schools, but did not distinguish himself, saying: "My sense of humor saved me".

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14. Andrew Breitbart studied at Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah.

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15. Andrew Breitbart was adopted at three weeks old and raised Jewish.

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16. Andrew Breitbart was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 1, 1969.

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