17 Facts About Andros Bahamas


Originally named Espiritu Santu by the Spanish, Andros Bahamas Island was given its present name sometime early during the period of British colonial rule.

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Andros Bahamas was notable for his role in the collapse of the Dominion of New England, after which he was removed from office and jailed.

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Andros Bahamas mapped a portion of the eastern shore of Andros Island.

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The Andros Bahamas passed back and forth between Spanish and British rule for 150 years.

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Morgan's Bluff and Morgan's Cave on North Andros Bahamas are named after the famous privateer-pirate, Henry Morgan, for whom Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is named.

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The 1788 census for Andros Bahamas reported 22 white heads of families, with a total of 132 slaves; they cultivated 329 hectares of land.

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Later, many of these freed Africans and their offspring migrated to the Out Islands, including Andros Bahamas, resulting in an indigenous culture that is closer to those in West Africa than most other black cultures in the Western Hemisphere.

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One of the final acts of the British Crown in the Bahamas was to grant AUTEC a long-term lease for land on Andros.

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Andros Bahamas served until 1992, when his party lost control of Parliament.

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Andros Bahamas Island is hit by a hurricane an average of every 2.

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Largest employers on Andros Bahamas Island are the Bahamian government and the AUTEC base at Fresh Creek.

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Andros Bahamas Island is surrounded by thousands of square kilometres of fishable flats, home to permit, tarpon, and especially bonefish.

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Andros Bahamas Island is home to several species of lizards, including the Andros Bahamas Island iguana, a large endangered subspecies of Northern Bahamian rock iguana.

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Andros Bahamas Town International is an international port of entry for private pilots.

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Andros Bahamas is connected to Nassau by Sea-Link ferry, which runs daily to Morgan's Bluff on the north end of the island and Fresh Creek in central Andros Bahamas.

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Andros Bahamas is politically divided into four Districts and ten townships.

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Mangrove Cay is served by St Benedict's parish and Central Andros Bahamas is served by St John Chrysostom parish in Fresh Creek and Christ the King parish in Cargill Creek.

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