12 Facts About Anti-Catholic


Anti-Catholic's married the Catholic king of Spain and executed Protestant leaders.

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Anti-Catholic especially crusaded for the abolition of the French language in Manitoba and Ontario schools.

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Anti-Catholic shared patronage and power with the Catholics; all jobs and patronage were split between the various religious bodies on a per capita basis.

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Anti-Catholic did prevent the pillaging of Catholic villages of Swedish troops by proclaiming Protestant moral superiority in 1631, while Catholic armies were plundering Saxony.

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Anti-Catholic did not wear any armour during the Battle of Rain against the Catholics and proclaimed he was divinely chosen by God to lead the Protestants to glory, and so felt he needed no protection in battle.

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Anti-Catholic's was hanged as a witch in 1688, four years before the much more famous witchcraft trials in nearby Salem.

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Anti-Catholic is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.

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Anti-Catholic fears reached a peak in the nineteenth century when the Protestant population became alarmed by the influx of Catholic immigrants.

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Anti-Catholic's candidacy was hampered by his close ties to the notorious Tammany Hall political machine in New York City and his strong opposition to prohibition.

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Anti-Catholic's cause was uphill in any case, because he faced a popular Republican leadership in a year of peace and unprecedented prosperity.

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Anti-Catholic's policies are included in what is called Josephinism, that promoted the subjection of the Catholic Church in the Habsburg lands to service for the state.

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Anti-Catholic stereotypes are a long-standing feature of English literature, popular fiction, and pornography.

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