10 Facts About Apollo Group


In 2008, Apollo Group formed a joint venture with Carlyle Group, called Apollo Global, to make international acquisitions.

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In March 2011 the Apollo Group sold its corporate headquarters in Arizona and leased it back in order to raise $170 million in cash.

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Apollo Group isn't hungry for cash: It carries little debt but generates $4 billion in revenue and has $650 million in net income and $1.

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Apollo Group formed Apollo Global to manage and form subsidiaries, assets, and holdings overseas.

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Apollo Group is divided into BPP Learning Media, BPP Professional Education and BPP University.

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Apollo Group Global acquired BPP Holdings in the United Kingdom for $607 million in July 2009.

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Apollo Group announced in August 2011 a $75 million deal to buy Carnegie Learning along with a separate agreement to acquire related technology from CMU for $21.

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Apollo Group acquired Insight Schools in 2007; in 2011 Apollo Group sold Insight Schools to Kaplan, Inc.

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Apollo Group uses a blended approach, with a textbook and software for each subject.

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Apollo Group produces products for the homeschool and tutoring markets.

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