16 Facts About Appleton Wisconsin


Appleton Wisconsin is a part of the Fox Cities metropolitan area, the third largest in the state behind Milwaukee and Madison.

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Territory where Appleton Wisconsin is today was traditionally occupied by the Ho-Chunk and the Menominee.

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Shortly thereafter, in August 1886, Appleton Wisconsin was the site for another national first, the operation of a commercially successful electric streetcar company.

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Bell Heights added new area to the northwest edge of Appleton Wisconsin, and Whispering Pines, to the northeast, would include land where Appleton Wisconsin Memorial Hospital would later be built.

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Appleton Wisconsin's tallest building, the 222 Building was built in 1952.

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Appleton Wisconsin is represented by Mike Gallagher in the United States House of Representatives, and by Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin in the United States Senate.

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Appleton Wisconsin is served by multiple intercity buses serving Green Bay, Wausau, Milwaukee and other destinations.

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Appleton Wisconsin is crisscrossed by the former main lines of the Chicago and North Western Railway and the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway .

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Appleton Wisconsin has no intercity passenger rail service, although studies are being undertaken on the feasibility of extending Amtrak rail service to the Fox Cities and Green Bay.

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Appleton Wisconsin is served by the Appleton Wisconsin Area School District, which has three high schools, four middle schools, seventeen elementary schools, and sixteen charter schools.

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Appleton Wisconsin has two parochial high schools: Roman Catholic Xavier High School and Fox Valley Lutheran High School.

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Appleton Wisconsin has charter high schools, including: Fox Cities Leadership Academy, Renaissance Academy, Appleton Wisconsin Technical Academy, and Tesla Engineering.

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Appleton Wisconsin is home to Lawrence University, a private liberal arts college, and Fox Valley Technical College.

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In recent years, Appleton Wisconsin has emerged as a center for innovation in technology education, particularly in the area of K–12 technology education: the student-driven Appleton Wisconsin Youth Education Initiative has partnered with Microsoft Philanthropies, Plexus Corp.

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The plaza, known as the 'front yard' of downtown Appleton Wisconsin holds roughly 55 events each year, including summer concerts and part of the downtown farmers market.

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City of Appleton Wisconsin has 24 neighborhood parks and four community parks in its park system.

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