12 Facts About Argentine Tango


At the beginning, Argentine tango was rejected by the middle and upper classes who were engaging in ballroom dances including the Viennese waltz.

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Only in the decade between 1910 and 1920, Argentine tango started becoming fashionable in the major European capitals such as Paris, Berlin, Rome and Vienna.

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Only in 2017, Argentine tango has permanently entered the traditional Viennese balls through the prestigious Technische Universitat Ball, which now regularly includes a milonga in its program.

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Argentine Tango's compositions tell us something of our contemporary life and dancing it relates much to modern dance.

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In 1983, the dance show Argentine Tango Argentino, staged by Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezzolli, opened in Paris, France, starring dancers Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, Nelida y Nelson, Eduardo y Gloria, Maria y Carlos Rivarola, Norma y Luis Pereyra, Mayoral y Elsa Maria, Carlos y Ines Borges, Pablo Veron, Miguel Zotto and Milena Plebs, and Virulazo and Elvira.

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In 1985, the French dance show Argentine Tango Argentino transferred to Broadway in New York City.

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Argentine Tango's asked a student, George Guim, to become her assistant.

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In 1991, Richard Powers started The Stanford Argentine Tango Weeks, inviting Nora Dinzelbacher and two others to teach with him.

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The Stanford Argentine Tango Weeks became a popular annual event with 32 instructors teaching at the Roble Dance Hall at Stanford University over the course of its 7-year run.

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Forever Argentine Tango returned to the United States late in 1994, landing in Beverly Hills, then San Francisco, where it ran for 92 weeks.

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Argentine Tango made video tapes of the lessons he took and translated the Spanish instruction into English.

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Out of this experience, "Argentine Tango Colorado" was formed by Tom Stermitz and other tango aficionados from Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, and a twice-yearly tango festival was organized in Denver.

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