15 Facts About Juan Carlos

1. In 1969, Juan Carlos was named as General Franco's successor and was given the title of 'Prince of Spain'.

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2. Juan Carlos is a member of the World Scout Foundation and of the Sons of the American Revolution.

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3. In July 2000, Juan Carlos was the target of an enraged protester when former priest Juan Maria Fernandez y Krohn, who had once attacked Pope John Paul II, breached security and attempted to approach the king.

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4. Juan Carlos is the commander-in-chief of the Spanish armed forces.

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5. Juan Carlos had secret conversations with his father over the telephone.

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6. Juan Carlos continued to praise Franco and his government for the economic growth and positive changes in Spain.

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7. In 1969, Juan Carlos was officially designated heir-apparent and was given the new title of Prince of Spain.

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8. In 1957, Juan Carlos spent a year in the naval school at Marin, Pontevedra, and another in the Air Force school in San Javier in Murcia.

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9. Juan Carlos began his studies in San Sebastian and finished them in 1954 at the San Isidro Institute in Madrid.

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10. Juan Carlos moved to Spain in 1948 to be educated there after his father persuaded Franco to allow it.

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11. Juan Carlos was given the name Juan Carlos after his father and maternal grandfather, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

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12. In 1981, Juan Carlos played a major role in preventing a coup that attempted to revert Spain to Francoist government in the King's name.

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13. Juan Carlos spent his early years in Italy and came to Spain in 1947 to continue his studies.

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14. Juan Carlos was seen by Franco to be too liberal and in 1969 was bypassed in favour of Juan Carlos as Franco's successor and next head of state.

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15. Juan Carlos was born in Rome, Italy, during his family's exile.

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