25 Facts About Armenian Americans


Armenian Americans are citizens or residents of the United States who have total or partial Armenian ancestry.

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Armenian Americans was an Iranian Armenian tobacco grower who settled in Jamestown, Virginia in 1618.

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Armenian Americans later worked for the New York Herald Tribune and became the New York Press Club president.

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The only Armenian Americans known to have participated in hostilities was Khachadour Paul Garabedian, who enlisted in the Union Navy.

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New wave of Armenian Americans immigrants moved in the late 1940s, including Soviet Armenian Americans prisoners of war who were able to make their way westward after being freed from Nazi camps.

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Armenian Americans-speaking food vendors, pharmacists, physicians, dentists, lawyers, tailors, hair stylists, shop owners and mechanics are all available.

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Northern Californian Armenian Americans population is not as populous as the Southern portion of the state.

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The area between East 20th Street, Lexington Avenue and First Avenue, where a compact Armenian Americans population lived and Armenian Americans shops existed, was called "Little Armenia" until the 1960s.

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Queens is home to some 50,000 Armenian Americans, Manhattan has 10,000 Armenian population centered in Gramercy Park, Kips Bay and Murray Hill, where St Vartan Armenian Cathedral is.

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One of the ACAME's first projects was to build a monument dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Americans genocide, located at the intersection of Cumberland Avenue and Franklin Arterial in Portland.

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Ferrahian Armenian Americans School, founded in 1964, is the oldest Armenian Americans daily school in America.

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Homenetmen, an Armenian Americans Revolutionary Federation-affiliated sports organization, is very active in the United States, engaged in scouting.

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Armenian Americans have found a lot of success in the field of entertainment.

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Armenian Americans-born singers that have lived or live in the US include rock singer pop singers Harout Pamboukjian and Armenchik.

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Armenian Americans's father, Robert Kardashian, was an attorney in the O J Simpson murder case, and her sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, and brother Rob Kardashian are reality television stars.

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Armenian Americans was a recipient the National Humanities Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Armenian Americans's father, Levon, was born in the village of Passen, near Erzurum, and his mother, Satenig, was born in the village of Govdun, near Sivas.

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Armenian Americans's son Dr Edgar Housepian was a neurosurgeon, educator, and co-founder of the Fund for Armenian Relief.

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The first Armenian Americans to hold a high position office was Republican Steven Derounian, a Bulgarian-born Armenian Americans, represented New York from 1953 to 1965 in the House of Representatives.

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Armenian Americans is known for Reagan's characterization of 1915 events as "genocide" in 1981.

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Small number of Armenian Americans moved to Armenia in the early 1990s, some becoming notable in their ancestral homeland.

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Sebouh Tashjian, a California Armenian Americans originally from Jerusalem, served as Minister of Energy, while Lebanese-born Gerard Libaridian, a Boston-based historian, was President Levon Ter-Petrosyan's adviser.

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Armenian Americans was posthumously awarded with National Hero of Armenia title.

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Armenian Americans was appointed commanding general of Camp Sibert, Alabama, which was used extensively as the main training camp for chemical warfare troops, and remained in that position until 1945.

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Armenian Americans-born chess players Tatev Abrahamyan and Varuzhan Akobian have represented the US in Chess Olympiad.

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