42 Facts About Aston Martin

1. Aston Martin named Luxury Brand of the Year at the Oscars of the Luxury Industry.

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2. Aston Martin is well into the fun stages of testing with its upcoming DBX SUV, and has released photos and video of the heavily disguised prototype getting nicely sideways on a Welsh rally stage with Chief Engineer Matt Becker behind the wheel.

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3. Aston Martin still planning for the worst despite Brexit deal.

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4. Aston Martin finally gave us a look at its long-awaited SUV, which the automaker has confirmed will be called a DBX.

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5. Aston Martin is the latest automaker to join the SUV craze as they have revealed a development prototype for the upcoming DBX.

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6. Aston Martin has officially thrown its hat in the ring with this: the.

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7. Aston Martin might not be the first name you'd associate with an SUV, but then again you could have said the same about Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley.

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8. Aston Martin has released a handful of pictures showing an early prototype of its SUV getting its drift on around a Welsh rally stage.

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9. Aston Martin confirmed today that its new SUV will officially be called DBX and that it is already undergoing testing on a Welsh Rally stage.

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10. Aston Martin is well into the fun stages of testing with its upcoming DBX SUV, and has released photos and video of the heavily disguised prototype getting nicely sideways on a Welsh rally stage.

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11. Aston Martin has confirmed that its first-ever SUV model will be called DBX and launch before the end of next year.

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12. Aston Martin has treated fans to a first look at its upcoming SUV, showing off a prototype model that is set to be put through its paces.

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13. Aston Martin is set to jump into the crossover SUV game just like everyone else.

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14. Aston Martin confirmed plans to jump on the SUV bandwagon back in 2015, when it created the DBX Concept, a sporty, coupe-style crossover with only two doors.

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15. Aston Martin gave us hope when it unveiled the lifted.

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16. Aston Martin has revealed the first official images and name of its upcoming SUV.

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17. Aston Martin has finally given us a look at its long-awaited SUV, which the automaker has confirmed will be called a DBX.

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18. Aston Martin has taken orders for 20 of its new Vantage GT3 racers for next season.

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19. Aston Martin receives orders for 20 new Vantage GT3 cars for 2019.

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20. Aston Martin has revealed that its new production facility in T Athan, South Wales is almost completed.

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21. Aston Martin has already confirmed plans to jump on the SUV bandwagon with a utility vehicle of its own, but the British automaker has been relatively quiet about when it planned to unveil the Lamborghini Urus.

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22. Aston Martin is currently in the midst of a reinvention process, one that sees the company working together with Mercedes-AMG to come up with a complete range of appealing proposals.

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23. Aston Martin will climb aboard the luxury SUV bandwagon with an all-new model, and the company confirmed on Wednesday it will debut in late 2019.

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24. Aston Martin has revealed a few more images of the Valkyrie, providing a fresh glimpse at a unique configuration.

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25. Aston Martin took to Instagram to unveil the official images to its partnership hypercar with Red Bull Racing.

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26. Aston Martin is just dipping its toes into hypercar water with the introduction of the Valkyrie and the company is proudly sharing more images of the upcoming car on Instagram.

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27. Aston Martin has revealed the latest design for its Valkyrie as the Formula 1-inspired hypercar takes shape ahead of next year's launch.

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28. Aston Martin has launched a special car to commemorate the company's 1959 Le Mans victory.

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29. Aston Martin has worked overtime to crank out numerous special editions.

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30. Aston Martin took to Instagram to release a trio of official images of its forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar bathed in a graduated, nose-to-tail ice blue color scheme befitting its mythological Nordic name and making it look sleek, fast and aggressive.

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31. Aston Martin is celebrating its 1959 Le Mans victory with a special edition car.

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32. Aston Martin has built plenty of fantastic-sounding cars, but honestly, its LMP1 Le Mans racer from the late 2000s might make the best noise.

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33. In July 2018, Aston Martin unveiled the Volante Vision Concept, a luxury concept aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

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34. Aston Martin has diversified into other market areas in the modern day.

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35. On 2 September 2014, Aston Martin announced it had appointed the Nissan executive Andy Palmer as CEO with Ulrich Bez retaining a position as non-executive chairman.

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36. In October 2004, Aston Martin set up the dedicated 12,500 square metres AMEP engine production plant within the Ford Germany Niehl, Cologne plant.

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37. Aston Martin needed funds to survive in the long term.

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38. Aston Martin began to build the classic "DB" series of cars.

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39. In 1936, Aston Martin decided to concentrate on road cars, producing just 700 until World War II halted work.

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40. Aston Martin was rescued for a year by Lance Prideaux Brune before passing it on to Sir Arthur Sutherland.

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41. Aston Martin raced specials at Aston Hill near Aston Clinton, and the pair decided to make their own vehicles.

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42. Aston Martin was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford.

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