19 Facts About Atlantic Council


Atlantic Council is an American think tank in the field of international affairs, favoring Atlanticism, founded in 1961.

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Atlantic Council was founded with the stated mission to encourage the continuation of cooperation between North America and Europe that began after World War II.

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In February 2009, James L Jones, then-chairman of the Atlantic Council, stepped down in order to serve as President Obama's new National Security Advisor and was succeeded by Senator Chuck Hagel.

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In September 2014, The Atlantic Council hired Call of Duty: Black Ops series director Dave Anthony as a nonresident senior fellow.

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In 2019, the Atlantic Council entered into a partnership with the Hungary Foundation, a group funded by the authoritarian Orban government in Hungary.

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In 2020, the Atlantic Council returned a grant from the Hungary Foundation and ended its relationship with the foundation.

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Atlantic Council has, since its inception, stated it is a nonpartisan institution, with members "from the moderate internationalist wings of both parties" in the United States.

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Atlantic Council wrote that the Atlantic Council was one of a number of think tanks that received substantial overseas funds and conducted activities that "typically align with the foreign governments' agendas".

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In 2014, The Atlantic Council produced a report promoting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — a proposed trade-accommodation agreement between the European Union and the US — with the financial backing of FedEx, who were simultaneously lobbying Congress directly to decrease transatlantic tariffs.

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Atlantic Council creates a meeting place for heads of state, military leaders, and international leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.

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In 2009, the Council hosted former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen's first major US speech, in which he discussed issues such as NATO's mission in the War in Afghanistan, NATO cooperation with Russia, and the broader transatlantic relationship.

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Since January 2007, the Council has hosted military leaders from both sides of the Atlantic.

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On February 22,2019, the Atlantic Council released its Declaration of Principles at the Munich Security Conference.

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Frederick Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council, said it was "an effort to rally and reinvigorate 'free peoples' around the world".

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The Atlantic Council hosted the 2014 Future Leaders Summit on the side-lines of the NATO 2014 Wales summit.

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The Atlantic Council seeks to identify areas of potential cooperation and build the personal networks and mutual understanding that form the basis for an effective partnership.

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In 2016, the Atlantic Council drew criticism from the founder of the Human Rights Foundation for its decision to award a Global Citizen Award to Ali Bongo Ondimba.

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In July 2019, Russia said the activities of the Atlantic Council pose a threat to the foundations of its constitutional system and the security of the Russian Federation.

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Atlantic Council produces publications and issue briefs about global policy issues ranging from NATO's global role to energy security.

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