25 Facts About Atlus


Atlus was established in April 1986 and spent its early years as a video game developer for other companies.

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Atlus has three development divisions: Creative Department 1st Production, Creative Department 2nd Production, and Creative Department 3rd Production.

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Atlus began on 7 April 1986 as a video game developer of computer games for other companies.

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Atlus released the first video game under its own name in 1989: Puzzle Boy for the Game Boy.

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Atlus started in the arcade industry in the 1990s by manufacturing its first arcade video game, BlaZeon, in 1992.

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In 1995, Atlus launched Print Club at arcades in partnership with Sega.

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Atlus entered the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1997, listing on the JASDAQ.

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In 2000, Atlus formed a joint venture with Kadokawa Shoten to distribute and sell games.

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Atlus suffered from deficit financial results in both 1999 and 2000.

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In October 2001, Atlus acquired Career Soft, and became the sole publisher of the Growlanser series: a real-time strategy role-playing game from the creators of the Langrisser series.

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Atlus became an Index Holdings subsidiary on 29 November 2006.

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However, Atlus USA remained active and was renamed Index Digital Media, serving as the North American subsidiary for Index Corporation.

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Atlus is one of the companies that has relocated in response to this.

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Atlus has three divisions: Creative Department 1st Production, Creative Department 2nd Production, and Creative Department 3rd Production.

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Atlus has sued two people related to its long-defunct MMO Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine.

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Atlus alleges that their copyright was infringed, as the pair hosted a website that was a near exact copy of Atlus' website and distributed an exact copy of their game Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine.

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The court document states that Atlus believes that the 'unauthorized acts as described herein have caused and will continue to cause irreparable damage to Atlus'.

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Atlus believes that the pair have violated 17 US C § 50 three times and Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 US C § 1202 once.

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Atlus West has localized cult classic Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, created by Nippon Ichi Software.

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Atlus have published the tactical role-playing game Tactics Ogre and Game Boy Advance remakes of the Kunio-kun and Double Dragon games for Million.

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Atlus USA released Riviera: The Promised Land, a role-playing video game for the Game Boy Advance previously released for the Wonderswan Color, in 2004 in collaboration with Sting and Bandai.

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Atlus USA has published games under the Marl Kingdom name, beginning with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure in 2000.

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Until 2017, Atlus did not have a dedicated European division for publishing and distributing their titles within the European and Oceania region.

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Atlus has appeared in several games in the Shin Megami Tensei series, as well as the Jack Bros.

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Atlus has a family; more relatives were created since Shin Megami Tensei II, including King Frost, Pyro Jack, Frost 5 Senshi and Black Frost.

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