29 Facts About Auburn AL


Auburn AL is a city in Lee County, Alabama, United States.

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Auburn AL is a historic college town and is the home of Auburn AL University.

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Auburn AL was the site of a hospital for Texan Confederate soldiers, but only saw direct combat with the raids of Rousseau in 1864 and Wilson in 1865.

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Auburn AL's campus was turned into a training ground for technical specialists in the armed forces.

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Primarily due to this influx of students, Auburn AL began a period of growth that lasted through the 1950s and 1960s.

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Auburn AL sits on the Fall Line at the juncture of the piedmont plateau and the coastal plain.

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Portions of Auburn AL include the southernmost exposure of rocks indicating the Appalachian orogeny—as such, the last foothill of the Appalachian Mountains lies in Chewacla State Park in southern Auburn AL.

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Parts of north Auburn AL have much more rugged topographies, with thick forests in high hills and deep hollows of the type common to parts of eastern Tennessee.

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Auburn AL sits near the divide between the Chattahoochee and Tallapoosa River watersheds, though the vast majority of the city resides in the latter.

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Typical of the Deep South, Auburn AL has a humid subtropical climate, marked by mild winters, early springs, long, hot, muggy summers, and warm autumns.

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Auburn AL's economy is centered on Auburn AL University and providing university-affiliated services.

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Auburn AL University employs 4,300 people, which is roughly one-quarter of the city's total workforce.

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Auburn AL has one industrial park and four technology parks where main areas of industrial focus are on the manufacture of small engines, automotive wheels, fuel cells, plastic injection technology, and vehicle armor.

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Auburn AL University is a land-grant university and a sea and space grant university with traditionally strong programs in business, engineering, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.

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Auburn AL University is a research institution, with primary areas of research focus including wireless engineering, molecular biosciences, transportation, aquaculture, and forest sustainability.

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Auburn AL is home to several research centers, including the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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Auburn AL's Early Education Center has specialized programs for autism education, has been recognized as a national Blue Ribbon school, and is an Intel and Scholastic School of Distinction.

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Auburn AL is located in the southeastern part of Alabama and is accessible by Interstate 85, US 29, and US 280.

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The major commercial airports closest to Auburn AL are the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport .

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Auburn AL University provides the Tiger Transit bus system, which runs near the campus and to area apartment complexes part of the year.

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Auburn AL is the home to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art.

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Also in Auburn AL is the Telfair Peet Theatre, which performs a series of plays and musicals each year.

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Auburn AL is home to Auburn AL Area Community Theater, a community-based organization that puts on three productions a year, including a spring children's show.

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Auburn AL is ringed by miles of multi-use trails and several lakes.

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Auburn AL has no professional sports teams, but nonetheless has a vibrant sports culture due to the presence of Auburn AL University's NCAA Division I athletic squads.

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Auburn AL University football in particular is a major force in Auburn AL's culture and economy.

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Football games in Auburn AL are played in 87,451 seat Jordan–Hare Stadium, which sits on the main campus, just a few blocks from downtown.

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Auburn AL Links was rated as one of the top three new courses in the nation when it opened in 1996, and the Robert Trent Jones-designed Grand National course in the Auburn AL metro is often cited as one of the top public courses in the nation.

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Auburn AL is served by the Columbus, Georgia Television Designated Market Area .

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