23 Facts About Aude


Aude is a frequent feminine French given name in Francophone countries, deriving initially from Aude or Oda, a wife of Bertrand, Duke of Aquitaine, and mother of Eudo, brother of Saint Hubertus.

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Aude was the name of Roland's fiancee in the chansons de geste.

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Aude is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains.

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Finally, the high valley of the Aude, otherwise called the Razes, consists of a riparian forest made of beech, alder, poplar or ash.

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The river rises at the Roc d'Aude and passes through the Matemale and Puyvalador dams on the Capcir plateau at 1500m, then crosses the department from south to north across Axat, Limoux, and Quillan following the upper valley of the Aude.

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Aude had transferred his episcopal seat to Razes and had procured the honours of the feudal title for the area.

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Aude enjoyed strong wine production whilst at the same time the grain farmers of Lauragais faced great difficulties.

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Since the 1970s the Aude has seen a rapid decline in its traditional industries such as shoe and hat making.

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From 1889, the high valley of Aude became increasingly important in generating hydroelectric power.

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Aude was the first department in France to transmit such power, from its plants at Alet-les-Bains and Quillan.

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Today Aude is the leading department in France for the number of wind turbines installed.

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Finally, Aude is crossed by the Canal du Midi which is a major waterway that allows tourists to pass from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

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People of Aude expressed royalist opinions until the end of the Bourbon Restoration.

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Aude is the land of rugby league with the teams of Limoux, Carcassonne and Lezignan among the elite.

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Recently rugby union in the Aude has faced an uphill struggle in a sport that has become both globalized and more professional.

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Tour de l'Aude is one of the most important female cycling events in the calendar.

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Olive oil is very widespread in the Aude and is a speciality of Bize-Minervois.

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Aude is a tourist department with a rich cultural heritage and varied natural sites.

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Since the 1990s, the Aude has developed the attractiveness of its territory by focusing on the development of the publicity surrounding Catharism.

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The Aude has been named Cathar Country by the General Council to mark the authentic and mysterious nature of the department, especially with its many Cathar castles.

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Aude estimates the number of tourist overnight stays to be 17.

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Lauragais, that spreads on both sides of the administrative border between Aude and Haute-Garonne, is a historic and cultural area known since the Middle Ages for its abundant agricultural productions.

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Aude has about fifteen bastides which were built after the Treaty of Meaux in 1229 when the region was attached to the Capetian crown of France.

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