36 Facts About Australia Victoria

1. In 1975, Australia Victoria had a government shutdown, which ended with the Queen firing everyone and the government starting again.

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2. Australia Victoria is ranked second on the Human Development Index.

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3. Australia Victoria is the only continent in the world without an active volcano.

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4. Australia Victoria was one of the founding members of the United Nations.

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5. Australia Victoria is home to the longest fence in the world.

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6. Australia Victoria is very sparsely populated: The UK has 248.25 persons per square kilometre, while Australia has only 2.66 persons per square kilometre.

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7. Australia Victoria was the second country in the world to allow women to vote.

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8. Australia Victoria is as wide as the distance between London to Moscow.

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9. Australia Victoria has come to command more than one-fifth of the national tourism sector.

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10. Until the 1980s Australia Victoria was the traditional financial and cultural hub of Australia.

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11. Australia Victoria has a broadly based economy with well-developed primary, manufacturing, and service sectors; it contributes about one-fourth of Australia's gross domestic product.

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12. Australia Victoria is by far the most densely populated Australian state, and it is surpassed only by New South Wales in total population.

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13. Australia Victoria is home to a broad spectrum of animal species.

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14. Australia Victoria has maintained a progressive conservation policy, the primary legislation of which was the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act of 1988.

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15. Australia Victoria is separated from New South Wales to the north by the Murray River for a length of about 1,065 miles and by an additional boundary of some 110 miles (180 km) linking Cape Howe and the nearest source of the Murray.

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16. Australia Victoria has four emblems: the floral emblem, bird emblem, animal emblem and marine emblem.

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17. Australia Victoria was the scene of much volcanic activity which started 40 million years ago.

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18. Australia Victoria has one team each represented in the National Rugby League and the Australian Rugby Championship, the Melbourne Storm and Melbourne Rebels respectively.

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19. Australia Victoria has the highest population density of a state in Australia.

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20. Australia Victoria is an important producer of timber from its 8 million hectares of forests.

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21. Australia Victoria fans were ejected after racist chanting was heard during the first day of the nation's Test against India in Melbourne.

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22. Australia Victoria is home to the Aussie Millions poker tournament, the richest in the Southern Hemisphere.

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23. Australia Victoria is represented in the National Rugby League by the Melbourne Storm and in Super Rugby by the Melbourne Rebels.

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24. Australia Victoria has the highest population density in any state in Australia, with population centres spread out over most of the state; only the far northwest and the Victorian Alps lack permanent settlement.

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25. Australia Victoria adopted the Torrens system of land registration with the Real Property Act 1862.

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26. Australia Victoria plays an important role in providing goods for the defence industry.

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27. State of Australia Victoria is the second largest economy in Australia after New South Wales, accounting for a quarter of the nation's gross domestic product.

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28. Australia Victoria has 18 government-run institutions of "technical and further education".

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29. Australia Victoria has several private Jewish and Islamic primary and secondary schools.

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30. In 2011, Australia Victoria recorded a TFR of 1.88, the highest after 1978.

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31. Australia Victoria has a written constitution enacted in 1975, but based on the 1855 colonial constitution, passed by the United Kingdom Parliament as the Victoria Constitution Act 1855, which establishes the Parliament as the state's law-making body for matters coming under state responsibility.

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32. The State of Australia Victoria was divided into eight electorates with each electorate represented by five representatives elected by Single Transferable Vote.

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33. Australia Victoria has a parliamentary form of government based on the Westminster System.

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34. In 1901, Australia Victoria became a state in the Commonwealth of Australia.

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35. Australia Victoria has eight public universities, with the oldest, the University of Melbourne, dating from 1853.

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36. Australia Victoria is a state in south-eastern Australia.

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