15 Facts About Austrian literature


Austrian literature is mostly written in German, and is closely connected with German literature.

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Austrian literature developed out of a symbiosis of different regional traditions and languages.

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Austrian literature wrote the poem Diu Crone, which has about 30,000 lines.

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Austrian literature was under the strong influence of Freemasonry and strongly connected with the criticism towards clergy.

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Austrian literature was a dramatic adviser at the Wiener Burgtheater from 1814 to 1832.

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Austrian literature wrote social novels whose literary quality usually is not appreciated highly by literary critiques and Germanists, but Suttner received the Nobel Prize for Peace for her novel Die Waffen nieder in 1905.

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Austrian literature wrote his major works between 1890 and the end of World War I, namely novels, short stories and theater plays.

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Some Austrian literature authors relocated to new emerging countries, such as Kafka and Werfel to Czechoslovakia.

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Austrian literature wrote nine novels, several books of stories and short prose, some autobiographical works, and numerous plays.

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Austrian literature's works triggered public controversies as Bernhard constantly attacked a typical Austrian manner of ignoring the Nazi past.

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Austrian literature used an artificial language that broke many linguistic norms, to achieve a more rhythmic speech.

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Austrian literature's books speak about Central and Eastern European peoples, cultures, and literatures.

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Austrian literature is the editor in chief of the magazine Literatur und Kritik.

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Austrian literature's works comprise novels such as The Piano Teacher, Lust and Die Kinder der Toten, as well as theater plays such as Clara S, Burgtheater and Bambiland.

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Austrian literature's poetry has been published in Slovene and in German.

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