12 Facts About Avalon Hill


Avalon Hill Games Inc is a game company that publishes wargames and strategic board games.

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Avalon Hill was started in 1952 outside Baltimore in Catonsville, Maryland by Charles S Roberts under the name of "The Avalon Game Company" for the publication of his game Tactics.

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In 1960, Avalon published the first mostly dice-less sports game in Football Strategy designed by Thomas N Shaw which was followed by two sister games, Baseball Strategy and Basketball Strategy.

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Avalon Hill was reorganized by retaining only one staff member, Shaw, moving, cutting costs and appointing J E Sparling as president.

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Avalon Hill published simulations of actual battles and campaigns, such as Midway, Afrika Korps, and The Battle of the Bulge.

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Avalon Hill published PanzerBlitz in 1970, designed for the company by Jim Dunnigan's Simulations Publications, Inc on a royalty basis from SPI's Tac Force 3 game.

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Avalon Hill purchased many games from smaller companies and republished them.

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Avalon Hill entered the role-playing game market a decade later by publishing Powers and Perils in 1983 and Lords of Creation in 1984.

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In 2001, Hasbro Interactive was sold to Infogrames; Avalon Hill was not included in the sale and Hasbro later transferred control of the company to its subsidiary, Wizards of the Coast, in 2004.

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In 1982, after SPI was purchased by TSR, Avalon Hill hired away some of SPI's design staff and formed them into a subsidiary company, Victory Games.

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Avalon Hill had its own house organ which promoted sale and play of its games, The General Magazine, which was published regularly between 1964 and 1998.

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In early 1984, on the occasion of the release of third edition RuneQuest, Avalon Hill included in all RuneQuest boxes a single advertising flyer announcing the launch of HEROES, its own role-playing magazine.

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