11 Facts About Bar examination


Bar examination is an examination administered by the bar association of a jurisdiction that a lawyer must pass in order to be admitted to the bar of that jurisdiction.

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In New South Wales, successful bar exam candidates are required to complete the NSW Bar examination Association Bar examination Practice Course, which despite its name, is a mandatory course required to be taken after passing the bar exam.

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Success in the Bar examination allows one to practice in any court or jurisdiction of the country.

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In Hungary, the Bar Examination is called "Jogi Szakvizsga", can be translated as "Legal Profession Examination".

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The State Bar examination Exam is composed of two parts: a written exam and an oral exam.

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In Poland, the bar examination is taken after graduating from a law faculty at a university.

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Singapore Bar Examination is administered once every year, usually over the course of four days.

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The eight practice areas covered in the Bar examination include, Civil Law Practice, Criminal Law Practice, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Family Law Practice, Real Estate Practice, Insolvency Practice, and two electives to be chosen from a list of elective subjects offered, such as, Mediation, Arbitration, and Intellectual Property.

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People take the bar examination to become qualified to take a judge or public prosecutor examination.

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In most jurisdictions, the Bar examination is two days long and consists of multiple-choice questions, essay questions, and "performance tests" that model certain kinds of legal writing.

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The National Conference of Bar Examiners creates several component examinations that are used in varying combinations by all but two jurisdictions, sometimes in combination with locally drafted examination components.

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