16 Facts About Big East


Big East Conference is a collegiate athletic conference that competes in NCAA Division I in ten men's sports and twelve women's sports.

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Conference was formed after the "Catholic Seven" members of the original Big East Conference elected to split from the football-playing schools in order to start a new conference focused on basketball.

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In June 2019, the Big East invited the University of Connecticut to "re-join" the conference from the AAC, which they did on July 1,2020.

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Original Big East Conference was founded in 1979, when Providence College basketball coach Dave Gavitt spearheaded an effort to assemble an east coast basketball-centric collegiate athletic conference.

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The core of the Big East formed when Providence, St John's, Georgetown, and Syracuse invited Seton Hall, Connecticut, Holy Cross, Rutgers, and Boston College.

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The Big East was one of the most severely impacted conferences during conference realignment of 2005 and the early 2010s.

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On March 15, ESPN stated that the Big East would add Butler and Xavier from the Atlantic 10 Conference, as well as Creighton from the Missouri Valley Conference, which was officially announced at a news conference in New York City on March 20,2013.

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In June 2019, various news outlets reported that UConn would soon leave the AAC for the Big East, pending a decision on the future of the school's football program.

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Many news stories described UConn as "rejoining" the Big East, because UConn was a founding member of the original Big East, but remained with the football-playing members when the conference reorganized as the AAC in 2013.

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Mutual interest between UConn and the new Big East had been reported by several sources starting in 2016.

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On June 24,2019, the Big East formally approved an invitation for UConn to join the conference.

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Big East began sponsoring field hockey in 1989, but conference records only indicate that a postseason tournament was held; the first recorded season of full league play was 1993, with Boston College, UConn, Georgetown, Providence, Syracuse, and Villanova participating.

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However, during the first season of the reconfigured Big East in 2013, Providence was an affiliate member of the America East Conference.

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Big East began sponsoring women's lacrosse in the 2001 season with Boston College, UConn, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech.

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However, after the 2018 season, the Big East lost all of its women's lacrosse associate members except Denver to the new women's lacrosse conference of The American.

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The Big East retained its automatic NCAA tournament bid for the 2019 season and beyond by adding Old Dominion, already an associate member in field hockey.

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