12 Facts About Bob Addy


Bob Addy is credited as the first player to introduce the slide in an organized game, and later attempted to create a game of baseball that would have been played on ice.

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Bob Addy is credited as the first person born in Canada to appear in a major league game.

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Bob Addy was still playing for the Forrest Citys in 1869, and was with them two years later when Rockford joined the first all-professional league, the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players.

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Rockford lasted just the one season in the Association, and Bob Addy did not rejoin the league until 1873 when he joined the Philadelphia White Stockings.

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Bob Addy played in ten games as player-manager, before moving on and joining the Boston Red Stockings later in the season.

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Bob Addy helped the Red Stockings win the league title that year, playing in right field, hitting.

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Bob Addy was acquitted of the charge and was allowed to play.

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Bob Addy did not play for the Red Stockings in 1874, as he signed to play for the Hartford Dark Blues, but his batting declined to.

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Bob Addy moved to his second Major League team in two years, and sixth team in seven years, when he joined the Cincinnati Reds, playing every day in right field, and later took over as the team's manager after Lip Pike quit the position.

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Bob Addy was an odd sort of a genius and quit the game because he thought he could do better at something else.

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Bob Addy later made an unsuccessful attempt to popularize baseball played on ice.

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Bob Addy died at the age of 65 in Pocatello, Idaho, and is interred at Mountain View Cemetery.

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