26 Facts About Bob O'Farrell


Robert Arthur O'Farrell was an American professional baseball player and manager.

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Bob O'Farrell played in Major League Baseball as a catcher for 21 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, St Louis Cardinals and the New York Giants.

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Bob O'Farrell was considered one of the greatest defensive catchers of his generation.

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Bob O'Farrell was born in Waukegan, Illinois where he grew up a Chicago White Sox fan.

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Bob O'Farrell signed with the Cubs in 1915 after playing an exhibition game for his local semi-professional team.

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Bob O'Farrell served as backup catcher working behind Bill Killefer as the Cubs went on to claim the 1918 National League pennant before losing to the Boston Red Sox in the 1918 World Series.

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Bob O'Farrell began the 1921 season as backup catcher until August when, Killefer was named the Cubs new manager.

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Bob O'Farrell became one of the best defensive catchers in baseball, leading National League catchers in games caught, putouts, assists, baserunners caught stealing and in caught stealing percentage.

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Bob O'Farrell became skillful at framing pitches by moving his catcher's mitt towards the strike zone after having caught a pitch, in an effort to influence the umpire to call a strike.

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In July 1924, Bob O'Farrell suffered a fractured skull when a foul ball broke his catcher's mask.

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Bob O'Farrell had asked a club house attendant to bring him a newer mask however, not wanting to delay the game, decided to continue to play with the older mask when he was struck in the head.

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Bob O'Farrell missed most of the season, and lost his job when future Baseball Hall of Fame member, Gabby Hartnett, played well in his absence.

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Bob O'Farrell led National League catchers in games caught and in putouts.

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Bob O'Farrell was the first catcher to win a Most Valuable Player Award.

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Bob O'Farrell led the Cardinals to a second-place finish, behind the Pittsburgh Pirates even though the Cardinals won three more games than the previous season.

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Bob O'Farrell only played in 61 games that season because of a sore arm.

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Bob O'Farrell was given a $5,000 bonus to step down and replaced by Bill McKechnie.

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Bob O'Farrell was traded to the New York Giants for George Harper in May 1928.

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Bob O'Farrell played as a part-time catcher for the Giants, sharing catching duties with Shanty Hogan during John McGraw's final four years as manager of the club.

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In October 1932, Bob O'Farrell was traded back to the St Louis Cardinals for catcher Gus Mancuso as part of new Giants manager Bill Terry's rebuilding campaign.

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Bob O'Farrell spent one season serving as backup catcher to Jimmie Wilson before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds in January 1934.

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Bob O'Farrell was released by the Cubs at the end of the year and signed to play with the Cardinals for the 1935 season.

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Bob O'Farrell appeared in only 14 games for the Cardinals, playing his final major league game on September 23 at the age of 38, and was released by the Cardinals in December 1935.

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Bob O'Farrell played two more seasons in the minor leagues with the Rochester Red Wings.

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Bob O'Farrell led the National League three times in putouts and twice in assists.

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Bob O'Farrell caught for six pitchers who would eventually be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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