15 Facts About Bradley University


In October 1896 Mrs Bradley was introduced to Dr William Rainey Harper, president of the University of Chicago.

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Bradley University soon convinced her to move ahead with her plans and establish the school during her lifetime.

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Bradley University is organized into the following colleges and schools:.

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Bradley University is home to the Charley Steiner School of Sports Communication, the first such named school in the US.

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Bradley University is among the first universities in the nation to have a school of entrepreneurship and the first established as a freestanding academic unit.

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Bradley University is headquarters for the national Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, with CEO student chapters at 240 universities.

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Also located on the south side of Bradley University's campus is Dingeldine Music Center, which was acquired from the Second Church of Christ, Scientist in 1983.

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Bradley University is the site of Peoria's National Public Radio affiliate, WCBU-FM, located on the second floor of Jobst Hall.

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Bradley University is a member of the Missouri Valley Conference.

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Bradley University won the National Invitation Tournament in 1957,1960,1964, and 1982.

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Bradley University was a member of the Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference from 1910 to 1937.

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Bradley University is home to the most successful speech team in the nation, with their American Forensics Association Championship winning streak from 1980 through 2000 only broken in 1994 and 1995.

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Bradley University has garnered 141 individual national titles and 39 team sweepstakes over the last 30 years.

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Bradley University is home to the most successful sales team in the nation.

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Bradley University defeated 66 other colleges to win their nation-leading third National Collegiate Sales Competition championship on March 7,2022, becoming the first-ever back-to-back national champion.

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