6 Facts About Central East

1. The population of Central East was 26,864 as of the 2010 census.

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2. At the center of the Middle Central East rests the Persian Gulf, cutting into the region and giving it its hook-like shape.

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3. In January 1989, Central East launched a third sub-region for the South Midlands, carrying its own news service and local advertisements.

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4. On 5 April 2005, it was revealed ITV Central East could be fined by regulator Ofcom for broadcasting a pre-recorded late Central News bulletin for the East Midlands.

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5. In March 1990, Central East formed a partnership with The Observer newspaper to create Central Observer, making environmental themed films for British Satellite Broadcasting and terrestrial channels, with funding from the charity Television Trust for the Environment.

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6. In January 1987, Central East acquired the European division of the American production company Filmfair for £1.5million, which went on to produce several of the station's networked children's series before being sold onto the Storm Group in 1991.

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