42 Facts About Nottingham


Nottingham has links to the legend of Robin Hood and to the lace-making, bicycle and tobacco industries.

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Nottingham is a tourist destination; in 2018, the city received the second-highest number of overnight visitors in the Midlands and the highest number in the East Midlands.

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The metropolitan economy of Nottingham is the seventh-largest in the United Kingdom with a GDP of $50.

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Nottingham is a major sporting centre and, in October 2015, was named 'Home of English Sport'.

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In December 2015, Nottingham was named a 'City of Literature' by UNESCO, joining a list of 20 Cities of Literature.

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In modern Welsh, Nottingham is known poetically as and in Irish as, 'The Cavey Dwelling'.

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Nottingham Castle was constructed in 1068 on a sandstone outcrop by the River Leen.

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Nottingham was one of the boroughs reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, and at that time consisted of the parishes of St Mary, St Nicholas and St Peter.

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In 1889 Nottingham became a county borough under the Local Government Act 1888.

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Nottingham was extended in 1933 by adding Bilborough and Wollaton, parts of the parishes of Bestwood Park and Colwick, and a recently developed part of the Beeston Urban District.

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The town's other football club, Nottingham Forest, had a period of success between 1977 and 1993 under manager Brian Clough, winning the First Division, four League Cups, a UEFA Super Cup and two European Cups.

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Nottingham City Council is a unitary authority who are based at Loxley House, Nottingham on Station Street.

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City of Nottingham's boundaries are tightly drawn and exclude several suburbs and towns that are usually considered part of Greater Nottingham.

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Nottingham has three UK parliamentary constituency seats within its boundaries.

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In 2017 it was reported that Nottingham is one of a number of UK cities that break WHO air pollution guidelines for the maximum concentration of small particulate matter.

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Nottingham is bounded by a green belt area, provisionally drawn up from the 1950s.

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Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, partially built into the cave system beneath Nottingham Castle, is a contender for the title of England's Oldest Pub, as it is supposed to have been established in 1189.

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Nottingham was named one of the UK's six science cities in 2005 by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown.

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The schools and aerial photographers, H Tempest Ltd, were Nottingham-based for many years, until relocating to St Ives, Cornwall January 1959.

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In 2015, Nottingham was ranked in the top 10 UK cities for job growth, in the public and private sectors.

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In 2017, Nottingham came seventh in Harper Dennis Hobbes's Top 50 British Centres, behind the West End of London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

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Nottingham has a number of department stores including the House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams.

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Nottingham has two large-capacity theatres, the Nottingham Playhouse and the Theatre Royal, which together with the neighbouring Royal Concert Hall forms the Royal Centre.

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Nottingham has a selection of smaller venues, including the Albert Hall, Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Malt Cross, Rescue Rooms, the Bodega, the Old Angel, the Central, the Chameleon and the Corner.

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Nottingham is home to Earache Records, a large independent record label setup in Nottingham in 1986 and famously home to Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed, Rival Sons and more.

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In 2010, Nottingham was named as one of the "Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2010" by DK Travel.

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Nottingham was ranked number one for the 'Best Value City Break' in August 2017 by TripAdvisor.

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Nottingham is home to two professional football clubs: Notts County and Nottingham Forest.

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Nottingham won the title of 2015 City of Football after five months of campaigning, which resulted in £1.

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Nottingham was selected to be a host city for the England 2018 FIFA World Cup bid.

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The Nottingham Outlaws are an amateur rugby league team that plays in the Yorkshire Men's League.

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The Nottingham Caesars are the city's American football club, playing their games at the Harvey Hadden Stadium in the Bilborough area of Nottingham.

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In October 2015, Nottingham was named as the official Home of Sport by VisitEngland, for its sporting contributions and in recognition of its development of football, cricket, ice hockey, boxing, tennis, athletics, gymnastics, and water sports.

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Nottingham is served by East Midlands Airport, near Castle Donington in north-west Leicestershire, just less than 15 miles south-west of the city centre.

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Nottingham was an important interchange for many railways and mineral lines which served the city, its suburbs and the collieries around the city.

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In September 2010, Nottingham was named England's least car-dependent city by the Campaign for Better Transport with London and Manchester in second and fourth place respectively.

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Nottingham is host to the UK's first and only local authority-owned and not-for-profit energy company, Robin Hood Energy.

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From around AD 1100, Nottingham was part of the Diocese of Lichfield, controlled as an archdeaconry from Lichfield Cathedral in Staffordshire.

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In 1837, Nottingham's archdeaconry was placed under the control of the Diocese of Lincoln and, in 1884, it was incorporated into the newly created Diocese of Southwell which it is still part of today.

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Nottingham is one of 18 British cities that do not have an Anglican cathedral.

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University Radio Nottingham is broadcast around Nottingham University's main and Sutton Bonington campuses on medium wave, as well as over the internet.

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Nottingham has been used as a location in many locally, nationally, and internationally produced films.

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