16 Facts About Comedy Central


Comedy Central is an American basic cable channel owned by Paramount Global through its network division's MTV Entertainment Group unit, based in Manhattan.

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Since the early 2000s, Comedy Central has expanded globally with localized channels in Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, Middle East, and Africa.

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On June 1,1991, the network changed its name to Comedy Central to prevent issues with the Canadian broadcast television network CTV, which would eventually be its Canadian content partner through The Comedy Network when that channel started operations six years later.

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On November 13,2000, Comedy Central introduced a modernized version of its globe logo, by straightening the buildings and removing the transmitter and marquee.

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In 2002, Comedy Central Records was formed as a means of releasing albums by comedians that have appeared on the network.

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Canadian users attempting to visit Comedy Central websites were redirected to The Comedy Network's website.

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In December 2007, Comedy Central picked up a show hosted by Lewis Black called Lewis Black's Root of All Evil, which debuted in March 2008.

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On March 27,2008, the Swedish Radio and TV Authority approved an application from Comedy Central regarding being allowed to air television programs in Sweden.

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In June 2008, Comedy Central picked up the sketch comedy show Important Things with Demetri Martin, which began airing in February 2009.

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In 2009, Comedy Central introduced an Internet viral video reaction show hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh called Tosh.

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Parker and Stone have since issued a statement to the press, confirming that the "bleeps" were added weeks after the show was finished and that Comedy Central has refused to let them post the original version of South Park, in addition to retroactively removing the original "Super Best Friends" episode.

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On November 16,2017, Comedy Central launched a Ukrainian-language version of Comedy Central branded as Paramount Comedy in Ukraine.

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In July 2018, Comedy Central refreshed its branding, maintaining the existing double-C logomark, but introducing a new in-house typeface, and changing the network's corporate color to amber .

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Later on December 15,2020, the Comedy Central Stand Up channel was removed and a new Comedy Central Animation channel was added.

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In turn, Comedy Central has decreased its live-action slate, announcing the cancellations of Drunk History and Tosh.

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Comedy Central has been a target of criticism from some advocacy groups, including the Parents Television and Media Council.

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