10 Facts About Communist League


Communist League was an international political party established on 1 June 1847 in London, England.

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The Communist League is regarded as the first Marxist political party and it was on behalf of this group that Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto late in 1847.

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The Communist League was formally disbanded in November 1852, following the Cologne Communist Trial.

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The Communist League was structured around the formation of primary party units known as "communes, " consisting of at least 3 and not more than 10 members.

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The Communist League's programme called for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and establishment of the rule of the proletariat and the construction of a new society free both of private property and social classes.

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Communist League had a second congress, at Great Windmill Street, London, in November and December 1847.

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Communist League was not able to function effectively during the 1848 revolutions, despite temporarily abandoning its clandestine nature.

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The Workers' Brotherhood was established in Germany by members of the Communist League, and became the most significant revolutionary organisation there.

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Communist League reassembled in late 1849, and by 1850 they were publishing the Neue Rheinische Zeitung Revue journal, but by the end of the year, publication had ceased amid disputes between the managers of the group.

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In 1850, the German master spy Wilhelm Stieber stole the register of the Communist League's members from Dietz, who was a member of Willich-Schapper group, which he sent to France and several German states.

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