7 Facts About Daft Punk

1. In 2010, Daft Punk appeared in Adidas advertisements promoting a Star Wars-themed clothing line.

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2. In their more visible Discovery years, Daft Punk appeared wearing robotic headgear and metallic gloves for publicity photo shoots, interviews, live shows and music videos.

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3. In February 2017, Daft Punk launched a pop-up shop in Hollywood, California featuring memorabilia, artwork, and a display of the various costumes the duo has worn over the years.

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4. On 19 January 2012, Daft Punk ranked No 2 on Mixmag's Greatest Dance Acts of All Time, with The Prodigy at No 1 by just a few points.

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5. In October 2011, Daft Punk placed 28th in a "top-100 DJs of 2011" list by DJ Magazine after appearing at position 44 in the year before.

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6. In 2008, Daft Punk placed 38th in a worldwide official poll of DJ Mag after debuting at position 71 in the year before.

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7. In 2016, Daft Punk gained their first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the song "Starboy", a collaboration with The Weeknd.

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