83 Facts About DeMarcus Cousins

1. DeMarcus Cousins has shown flashes of being the dominant center he was while with Sacramento and New Orleans.

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2. DeMarcus Cousins is continuing his comeback from a similar injury he suffered in January 2018.

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3. DeMarcus Cousins was sidelined with an injured Achilles after landing awkwardly during a game in January 2018.

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4. DeMarcus Cousins added that Gay specifically offered tips on how to increase the strength and mobility in his left leg.

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5. DeMarcus Cousins has since returned from his injury and have impressed the Warriors with his early returns.

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6. DeMarcus Cousins faced a depressed free-agent market last summer, which partly spurred him to sign with the Warriors on their taxpayer midlevel exception.

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7. DeMarcus Cousins looked frustrated and then went to the locker room.

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8. DeMarcus Cousins logged his first double-double through seven appearances this season.

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9. DeMarcus Cousins says he's still adapting to being on a minutes restriction and trying to get used to the officiating, as well.

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10. DeMarcus Cousins stood above Kuzma and glared, drawing a technical foul.

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11. DeMarcus Cousins finishes a fastbreak slam and stares down Joel Embiid after.

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12. DeMarcus Cousins explains his recovery process after his injury, and how it impacted him physically.

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13. DeMarcus Cousins can set nasty pindown screens, or lumber off of them.

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14. DeMarcus Cousins was whistled for a technical foul after staring down his posterized opponent, but that won't make Kuzma feel any better.

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15. DeMarcus Cousins has officially been removed from the injury report and is fully expected to make his season debut Friday against the Clippers.

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16. DeMarcus Cousins gets tangled up with Thomas Bryant and shoves him off after, resulting in a technical foul.

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17. DeMarcus Cousins breaks down his relationship with Anthony Davis and discusses what will motivate him in choosing his next destination.

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18. DeMarcus Cousins takes the bump from Domantas Sabonis and banks in his shot plus the foul.

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19. DeMarcus Cousins has one of his most effective efforts of the season as he drops 22 points in the Warriors' big win.

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20. DeMarcus Cousins scores his first basket as a Golden State Warrior via an emphatic one-handed jam in the lane.

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21. DeMarcus Cousins finishes with 14 points in his season debut as the Warriors win their seventh straight.

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22. DeMarcus Cousins is the father of two children, a boy named Amir, who was born in 2012, and a girl named Vana, who was born at some point after that.

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23. DeMarcus Cousins has two children, but both of them are with a previous girlfriend.

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24. DeMarcus Cousins contributed his highest point total of the season and likely could have gone for more if Monday's game hadn't gotten out of hand so quickly.

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25. DeMarcus Cousins is back on the court and looking pretty good, and they've won 10 games in a row to open up a game and a half lead atop the Western Conference standings.

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26. DeMarcus Cousins is five games into his Warriors tenure, and he's surpassed all expectations.

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27. DeMarcus Cousins said recently that part of the reason he has enjoyed his time with the Warriors is that everybody knows where to be on the floor.

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28. DeMarcus Cousins has four sisters and one brother, Jaleel, who is a professional basketball player.

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29. On December 10, 2018, with DeMarcus Cousins nearing a return to the court for the first time since rupturing his left Achilles tendon, he was assigned to Golden State's NBA G League affiliate team, the Santa Cruz Warriors, where he had his first full-contact practice.

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30. DeMarcus Cousins joined elite company as one of only three players to have consecutive 20-point, 20-rebound, 10-assist games; the others being Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain.

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31. DeMarcus Cousins opened the season with a 30-point, 14-rebound performance against the Denver Nuggets.

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32. DeMarcus Cousins left the locker room and waited on the court for Elliott to finish his post-game show before confronting him.

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33. DeMarcus Cousins reopened his recruitment after then Memphis coach John Calipari was hired at Kentucky.

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34. DeMarcus Cousins left Kentucky after one season, and was selected with the fifth overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft by the Sacramento Kings.

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35. DeMarcus Cousins added that his faith increased during high school when he broke his ankle during his junior year and did not receive any Division I scholarship offers.

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36. DeMarcus Cousins is an Olympic champ, having won two gold medals as a member of the United States national team.

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37. DeMarcus Cousins is from neighboring Mobile, Alabama, so he considered coming to the play for the New Orleans Pelicans a bit of a homecoming.

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38. DeMarcus Cousins teams up with Anthony Davis for some much-needed help as one of the New Orleans Pelicans newest team members.

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39. DeMarcus Cousins has celebrated the total number of 28 birthdays till date.

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40. DeMarcus Cousins participates in warmups with the Golden State Warriors ahead of their game vs the Milwaukee Bucks.

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41. DeMarcus Cousins is excited to be a Warrior and play with such a great team.

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42. DeMarcus Cousins meets with the media after going through his first workout with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

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43. DeMarcus Cousins continues to work his way back into shape after suffering an Achilles tear last season.

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44. DeMarcus Cousins spent the last two seasons with the New Orleans Pelicans, during which he made two All-Star appearances.

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45. Golden State Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins believes he could play in an NBA game today if his life depended on it.

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46. DeMarcus Cousins spent a lot of time with the kids on Saturday.

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47. DeMarcus Cousins towered over the toy aisle at the Bel Aire Mall Target as he helped to make sure the holidays are bright.

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48. DeMarcus Cousins was captured doing some on-court work in the aftermath of the practice itself.

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49. DeMarcus Cousins is currently practicing with the Santa Cruz Warriors of the G-League as he eyes a return to game action.

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50. DeMarcus Cousins will give the Warriors a proven, low-post scoring threat for the first time since Steve Kerr became head coach.

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51. DeMarcus Cousins says Achilles is the 'least of his worries'.

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52. DeMarcus Cousins signed the midlevel exception with the Warriors during the offseason.

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53. DeMarcus Cousins is clear to scrimmage and will be involved in any parts of practice he wants.

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54. DeMarcus Cousins said he played 5-on-5 in 3 six-seven minute quarters.

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55. DeMarcus Cousins says it was his idea to come down to the G-League.

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56. DeMarcus Cousins is currently scrimmaging and practicing five-on-five with the Warriors' G-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors.

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57. DeMarcus Cousins had the idea to practice with the Warriors G League team.

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58. DeMarcus Cousins is set to start practicing with Warriors' G-League team.

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59. DeMarcus Cousins tests out Achilles in Santa Cruz, starts shedding the rust.

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60. Golden State Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins is getting closer to making his season debut as he recovers from his Achilles injury.

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61. DeMarcus Cousins is still without a firm timetable to return to NBA action, but he'll likely begin practicing with Santa Cruz this week and could appear in a few G League games as a tune-up before making his way back to the Warriors.

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62. DeMarcus Cousins is happy to be nearing a return after all he has gone through.

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63. DeMarcus Cousins said he has spoken with other NBA players who have suffered similar injuries, including Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, Wes Matthews and Rudy Gay, among others.

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64. DeMarcus Cousins said his conditioning wasn't as bad as he thought but that his rhythm wasn't where it needed to be.

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65. DeMarcus Cousins was a member of the United States national team that won the gold medal at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

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66. DeMarcus Cousins tied a career high during the game with five three-pointers.

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67. DeMarcus Cousins had hit just four three-pointers in his previous 167 games and had never hit more than four in an entire season.

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68. On February 26, 2014, DeMarcus Cousins received a one-game suspension for punching Patrick Beverley in the stomach.

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69. On September 30, 2013, DeMarcus Cousins signed a reported four-year, $62 million contract extension with the Kings.

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70. DeMarcus Cousins was apparently informed of Elliott's remarks after the game.

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71. On February 8, 2012, DeMarcus Cousins was selected to play in the Rising Stars Challenge.

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72. DeMarcus Cousins played in the 2009 Nike Hoop Summit at the Rose Garden in Portland and the Jordan Brand Classic at Madison Square Garden where he scored 10 points for the black team.

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73. Steph Curry and DeMarcus Cousins are shelved with their well-documented injuries, but that's not all.

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74. DeMarcus Cousins inked a multi-year shoe deal with Puma last month, becoming the.

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75. DeMarcus Cousins continues to improve on that ruptured Achilles and each new milestone is another step toward his return to the court.

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76. Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins tried to play peacemakers, but that didn't stop Green and Durant from speaking their minds.

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77. DeMarcus Cousins gives tour of his opulent home on Animal Planet show.

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78. On October 28, 2015, DeMarcus Cousins recorded 32 points and 13 rebounds, as well as 4-of-5 three-pointers, in a season opening loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

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79. DeMarcus Cousins apologized to Elliott in person before a game against the Spurs in March 2014, which Elliott said he appreciated.

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80. On July 7, 2010, DeMarcus Cousins signed his rookie contract with the Kings, worth about $7 million for the first two years with a team option for the third and fourth years.

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81. DeMarcus Cousins reacts to ejection with classic scene from 'Friday'.

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82. Golden State Warriors' DeMarcus Cousins has appeared more and more in the team's practices and scrimmages during his rehab stint to a torn left Achilles.

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83. DeMarcus Cousins hopes to land his first championship with Golden State Warriors this season, but former teammate Anthony Davis hopes Cousins finds his way back to New Orleans in 2019.

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