35 Facts About Diana Prince

1. Diana Prince left behind two sons, Diana Prince William and Prince Harry who are now ages 35 and 32.

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2. Diana Prince was once linked to over 100 charities, according to Time, using her fame and royal status to bring attention to causes such as AIDS and HIV prevention and education, landmines, and homelessness.

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3. Diana Prince once invited the supermodel Cindy Crawford to Buckingham Palace for dinner when a young Prince William had a secret crush on the model.

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4. Diana Prince wore a dress valued at £9,000 with a 25-foot train.

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5. At the altar, Diana Prince accidentally reversed the order of Charles's first two names, saying "Philip Charles" Arthur George instead.

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6. Diana Prince excelled in swimming and diving, and studied ballet and tap dance.

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7. Diana Prince began her education at Silfield Private School in Gayton, Norfolk, and moved to Riddlesworth Hall School, an all-girls boarding school near Diss, when she was nine.

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8. Diana Prince became known as Lady Diana Prince after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975, at which point her father moved the family from Park House toAlthorp, the Spencer seat in Northampton.

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9. Diana Prince was born on 1 July 1961, in Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk.

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10. Diana Prince was born into the British Spencer family, different branches of which hold the titles of Duke of Marlborough, Earl Spencer, Earl of Sunderland, and Baron Churchill of Whichwood.

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11. Diana Prince was an inspiration for Off-White's Spring 2018 show at Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

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12. Diana Prince made her debut as a Sloane Ranger in 1979 with a gown by Regamus.

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13. Diana Prince was a fashion icon whose style was emulated by women around the world.

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14. Diana Prince was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty.

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15. Diana Prince had become what Prime Minister Tony Blair called the "People's Princess", an iconic national figure.

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16. Diana Prince was a staunch and longtime supporter of charities and organisations that focused on social and mental issues, including Relate and Turning Point.

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17. Diana Prince was the patron of HALO Trust, an organisation that removes debris—particularly landmines—left behind by war.

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18. In 1987, Diana Prince was awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of London, the highest honour which is in the power of the City of London to bestow on someone.

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19. Diana Prince embarked with the Diana Prince of Wales on a tour of Japan, Indonesia, Spain, and Canada.

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20. In February 1984, Diana Prince was the patron of London City Ballet when she travelled to Norway on her own to attend a performance organised by the company.

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21. Diana Prince lost the style "Her Royal Highness" and instead was styled Diana, Princess of Wales.

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22. In 1989, Diana Prince confronted Camilla about her and Charles's extramarital affair at a birthday party for Camilla's sister.

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23. Diana Prince gave her sons wider experiences than was usual for royal children.

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24. Diana Prince was involved with dozens of charities including London's Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, of which she was president from 1989.

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25. Diana Prince was born into the Spencer family, a family of British nobility, and she was the youngest daughter of Viscount and Viscountess Althorp.

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26. Diana Prince was the first wife of Charles, Diana Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the British throne, and the mother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

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27. Diana Prince served as a strong supporter of many charities and worked to help the homeless, people living with HIV and AIDS and children in need.

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28. Diana Prince became Lady Diana Prince Spencer after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975.

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29. Diana Prince married the heir to the British throne, Diana Prince Charles, on July 29, 1981.

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30. Diana Prince realized that Charles was having an affair with Camilla when they went on their honeymoon in 1981.

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31. Diana Prince looks exactly like her dad, Diana Prince William, when the second in line the throne was much younger.

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32. From that point on, Diana Prince would wear her glasses if she is either in her office or driving a car.

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33. Diana Prince left the military, opening a "mod" boutique in New York City.

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34. Diana Prince continued to work in military intelligence, eventually rising to the rank of Major.

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35. Diana Prince was originally the name of a US Army nurse during World War II who provided the primary alias for Princess Diana of the Amazons.

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