17 Facts About Dominic Fortune


Dominic Fortune is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Dominic Fortune was part of Marvel's Comics Code-free black-and-white magazine line.

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In June 2009, a six-part online-only digital comic Astonishing Tales: Dominic Fortune was published as part of Marvel Comics' digital initiative.

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In 2011, Dominic Fortune appeared as part of the 1959 Avengers group in New Avengers Vol.

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Dominic Fortune worked as an escapist on Coney Island, but not having much luck at that, took up wing-walking and barnstorming.

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Dominic Fortune broke up a cult of zombies, thwarted Baron Strucker's attempted assassination of a U S senator, exposed the phony "child star" Tina Timmons, and rescued the British ambassador from a terrorist.

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Dominic Fortune prevented silent movie star Noble Flagg and gangster Olga Cimaglia from taking over the LA underworld.

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In 1959, while in Paris, Dominic Fortune was recruited by Nick Fury to be a member of the "Avengers Initiative".

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Dominic Fortune established himself as a Pontiac salesman in Nassau County, New York, where he married and had two children.

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Dominic Fortune eventually retired to Restwell Nursing Home, NY after the death of his wife, but came out of retirement to battle Turner D Century alongside Spider-Man, after which he vowed to take back up his search for Sabbath Raven.

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Dominic Fortune later aided Iron Man in his battle with the Iron Monger, an employee of Simon Steele.

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In 1991, Dominic Fortune was in the Philippines during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

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Later, Dominic Fortune found and replicated a flawed Super-Soldier serum that Mockingbird helped create.

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In 2006, the newly de-aged Dominic Fortune joined forces with Silver Sable to stop the plans of traitors from within Silver Sable's own Wild Pack.

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At that time Fortune worked as a P I, but was shown to be working with a government black ops group called the Vanguard.

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Dominic Fortune was fatally injured in the battle, shot by Simon Steele, and died in his father's arms.

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Dominic Fortune was a superb hand-to-hand combatant and excellent boxer, and an expert marksman and swordsman.

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