17 Facts About Don Juan


Don Juan, known as Don Giovanni, is a legendary, fictional Spanish libertine who devotes his life to seducing women.

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Don Juan takes great pride in his ability to seduce women of all ages and stations in life, and he often disguises himself and assumes other identities in order to seduce women.

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Don Juan's life is punctuated with violence and gambling, and in most versions he kills a man: Don Gonzalo, the father of, a girl he has seduced.

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In Tirso de Molina's version Don Juan is portrayed as an evil man who seduces women thanks to his ability to manipulate language and disguise his appearance.

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Don Juan seduces a young widow, donha Anna, whose husband, a commander, he had killed.

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Don Juan calls commander's statue to stay on guard at his meeting with donha Anna and both fall to underworld after reaching the hands.

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Don Juan in Tallinn is an Estonian film version based on a play by Samuil Aljosin.

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Don Juan's is accompanied by her servant Florestino on her adventure in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

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Don Juan DeMarco, starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando, is a film in which a mental patient is convinced he is Don Juan, and retells his life story to a psychiatrist.

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Don Juan fascinated the 18th-century English novelist Jane Austen: "I have seen nobody on the stage who has been a more interesting Character than that compound of Cruelty and Lust".

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In one of the most provocative pieces to be published, the endocrinologist Gregorio Maranon argued that, far from the paragon of masculinity he was often assumed to be, Don Juan actually suffered from an arrested psychosexual development.

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Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman wrote and directed a comic sequel in 1960 titled The Devil's Eye in which Don Juan, accompanied by his servant, is sent from Hell to contemporary Sweden to seduce a young woman before her marriage.

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In 1970 Faroese author William heinesen released his short story, in which a character embodying Don Juan is washed up on the Faroe Islands in Torshavn and begins to seduce the women of that town.

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Don Juan is a plot point in Susan Kay's novel Phantom, which expands on Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera.

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Later in life, he began writing Don Juan Triumphant, spending decades on the piece, which Christine Daae heard after hiding in her room after removing Erik's mask.

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Don Juan is mentioned in the 1980 Broadway musical adaptation of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel, in which the character Grantaire states that Marius Pontmercy is acting like Don Juan.

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Don Juan is referenced in Star Trek the Original Series, season one episode 16 "Shore Leave".

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