44 Facts About Dumfries


Dumfries is a market town and former royal burgh within the Dumfries and Galloway council area of Scotland.

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People from Dumfries are known colloquially in Scots language as Doonhamers.

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Some writers hold that Dumfries flourished as a place of distinction during the Roman occupation of North Great Britain.

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Dumfries was once within the borders of the Kingdom of Northumbria.

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The district around Dumfries was for several centuries ruled over and deemed of much importance by the invading Romans.

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Dumfries was very much on the frontier during its first 50 years as a burgh and it grew rapidly as a market town and port.

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Letters from Edward, dated at Dumfries, were sent to his subordinates throughout Scotland, ordering them to give effect to the treaty.

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Dumfries was crowned King of Scots barely seven weeks after.

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Dumfries was again subjected to the control of Bruce's enemies.

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Sir Christopher Seton had been captured at Loch Doon and was hurried to Dumfries to be tried for treason in general and more specifically for being present at Comyn's killing.

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RAF Dumfries had a moment of danger on 25 March 1943, when a German Dornier Do 217 aircraft shot up the airfield beacon, but crashed shortly afterwards.

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Dumfries was the hometown of Calvin Harris until he left in 2008.

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Ray Wilson, lead singer of Stiltskin and later Genesis was born in Dumfries as were fellow musicians Geoffrey Kelly and Ian Carr and Emma's Imagination singer Emma Gillespie is from Dumfries.

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Dumfries has produced a steady stream of professional footballers and managers.

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The best known footballers of their eras to come from Dumfries are probably Dave Halliday, Ian Dickson, Bobby Ancell, Billy Houliston, Jimmy McIntosh, Willie McNaught and Ted McMinn.

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Dumfries is the hometown of three-times 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Allan McNish, as it was to fellow racing driver David Leslie.

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Scotland rugby union internationalists Duncan Hodge, Nick De Luca, Craig Hamilton and Alex Dunbar were born in Dumfries as were professional golfers Andrew Coltart and Robert Dinwiddie.

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Politician David Mundell was born in Dumfries as were William Dickson, William Pattison Telford Sr.

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James Edward Tait was a Dumfries-born recipient of the Victoria Cross.

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Dumfries's dictated memoir published as a chapbook became the subject of the 1969 John Huston film "Sinful Davey" starring John Hurt.

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Dumfries was travelling to Ireland after the trial; his visit caused a near riot.

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John Richardson, naturalist, explorer and naval surgeon was born in Dumfries as was John Craig, mathematician, and polymath James Crichton.

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Benjamin Bell after being born in Dumfries went on to become considered the first Scottish scientific surgeon.

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Thomas Peter Anderson Stuart left Dumfries to go on and found the University of Sydney Medical School.

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Dumfries has been a Royal Burgh since 1186, its charter being granted by King William the Lion in a move that ensured the loyalty of its citizens to the Monarch.

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Dumfries became part of Nithsdale District Council, which was based in the Municipal Buildings in Buccleuch Street, Dumfries.

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Dumfries remains a centre of local government for a much bigger area than just the town itself.

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Until 1995 Dumfries was home to the council for the local district of Nithsdale.

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Scottish Parliament elections, Dumfries is in the South Scotland electoral region and split between two constituencies.

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North West Dumfries is the only ward that solely covers areas within the town itself, with the others incorporating outlying areas.

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Dumfries has a long history as a county town, and as the market town of a surrounding rural hinterland.

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Dumfries is a relatively prosperous community but the town centre has been exposed to the centrifugal forces that have seen retail, business, educational, residential and other uses gravitate towards the town's urban fringe.

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Dumfries got its nickname 'Queen of the South' from David Dunbar, a local poet, who in 1857 stood in the general election.

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In 2017 Dumfries was ranked the happiest place in Scotland by Rightmove.

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RAF Dumfries doubled as an important maintenance unit and aircraft storage unit.

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Theatre Royal, Dumfries was built in 1792 and is the oldest working theatre in Scotland.

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Since 2013, Dumfries has seen the annual Nithraid, a small boat race up the Nith from Carsethorn, celebrating the town's historical relationship with the river.

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Cavendish in a smiling post race TV interview in Dumfries described the wet and windy race conditions through the Southern Scottish stage as 'horrible'.

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Junior curling teams from Dumfries, consisting of curlers under the age of 21, regularly compete in the Dutch Junior Open based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

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Dumfries has several primary schools, approximately one per key district, and four main secondary schools.

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Dumfries Academy was a grammar school until adopting a comprehensive format in 1983.

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The University of Glasgow, since maintaining its provision in Dumfries, has launched a new undergraduate programme in primary teaching.

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Dumfries is linked to the Northbound A74 motorway at Beattock via the A701 road.

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Dumfries was formerly home to one of the 11 BBC studios in Scotland.

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