12 Facts About Ed Sullivan Show

1. Ed Sullivan Show became significantly stricter with his on-camera warning to children not to watch it.

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2. On May 27 1956, The Ed Sullivan Show presented an animated short film entitled A Short Vision.

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3. Ed Sullivan Show considered his May 17, 1953, telecast to be the single most important episode in the show's first decade.

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4. Ed Sullivan Show is noteworthy for showcasing performances from numerous classic Broadway musicals of the era, often featuring members of the original Broadway casts.

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5. Ed Sullivan Show presented Domino alone at his piano singing as if he were a young Nat 'King' Cole or Fats Waller, as he performed "Blueberry Hill".

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6. Ed Sullivan Show launched the careers of many performers by presenting them to a nationwide TV audience and ignored the criticism.

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7. Ed Sullivan Show was intrigued, telling his entourage it was the same thing as Elvis all over again.

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8. Ed Sullivan Show hosted a second appearance by Presley on October 28, 1956.

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9. Ed Sullivan Show rubbed one hand on his hip to dry off the perspiration from playing his guitar.

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10. In 1971, The Ed Sullivan Show came to an abrupt end.

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11. Ed Sullivan Show enjoyed phenomenal popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s.

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12. Ed Sullivan Show was an American television variety show that ran on CBS from June 20, 1948, to June 6, 1971, and was hosted by New York entertainment columnist Ed Sullivan.

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