12 Facts About EG Group


EG Group is a British retailer headquartered in Blackburn, United Kingdom, which operates filling stations, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants in Europe, the United States and Australia.

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Dutch-headquartered European Forecourt Retail EG Group was founded in 2007 as the European energy retail and marketing arm of the Israeli firm Delek, and was acquired by TDR Capital in August 2014.

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EG Group's acquisitions have been largely funded by debt, with a net debt of over £7.

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In February 2017, EG Group purchased 78 UK properties from Kout Food Group, this including 70 Little Chef sites and 8 standalone Burger King sites.

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In early 2020, EG Group announced that they were opening 150 American Bakery outlets under a partnership with Cinnabon by 2025.

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In March 2020, EG Group became KFC's largest franchisee in the UK through the acquisition of 145 KFC outlets in the UK and Ireland.

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In November 2020, EG Group acquired a franchise agreement with the American chain, Sbarro, bringing it into the United Kingdom for the first time.

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In May 2021, EG Group bought Leon Restaurants for a reported £100 million.

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In October 2021, EG Group bought Cooplands, the UK's second-largest bakery operating mainly in North East England and Yorkshire.

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On 5 February 2018, EG Group announced that it will purchase nearly eight hundred Kroger convenience stores for $2.

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On 31 July 2019, EG Group announced having entered a binding agreement to purchase Cumberland Farms.

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In November 2020, EG Group entered into a binding agreement for the acquisition of 18 locations of Schrader Oil in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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