19 Facts About Eisteddfod


Eisteddfod deleted two metres and replaced them with the more complicated Gorchest y Beirdd and the Cadwynfyr.

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Eisteddfod based his Biblical translation on the Hebrew and Greek original Bibles, while consulting the English Bishops' and Geneva translations.

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Eisteddfod revival was briefly brought to a halt by the Napoleonic Wars, but was again restarted following the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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The first true National Eisteddfod organized by the council was held in Aberdare in 1861 on a pattern that continues to the present day.

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Also during the Victorian era, the poets who won the chair or the crown at the National Eisteddfod were praised to a degree that subsequent literary critics and historians have found not only excessive, but "ludicrous".

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Eisteddfod chose subjects such as Caractacus, the Arthurian legend, Llewellyn the Last, and even the Old Testament King David.

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At the 1936 National Eisteddfod held at Fishguard, the set title for the Bardic Crown was, which was almost certainly inspired by T S Eliot's famous Modernist poem of the same name.

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Eisteddfod was the first Archdruid to accept that the Gorsedd is an 18th-century invention by Iolo Morganwg and that it has no links to Welsh mythology or to the ancient Druids, thus healing rifts between the academic and ecclesiastical establishments and the eisteddfod movement.

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Eisteddfod remains the only Archdruid ever to have been so honoured.

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Eisteddfod's poems explored Welsh identity in the multiracial and multiethnic Grangetown district of Cardiff.

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Eisteddfod became an expert on Patagonian history and was a major contributor to the Colony's Welsh literature.

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Eisteddfod rarely left this vicinity except to attend the annual St David's Day eisteddfod at Ballarat where, on thirteen consecutive occasions, he was awarded first prize for the best englyn.

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Second-oldest eisteddfod in Australia is located in Wollongong, the City of Wollongong Eisteddfod, which began in 1894 and has been running ever since.

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Sydney Eisteddfod was first held in 1933 and offers some 400 events across all performing arts, catering to 30,000 performers annually.

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Guernsey Eisteddfod was founded in 1922 and includes events in the Guernesiais language; the Jersey Eisteddfod was founded in 1908 and includes events in Jerriais dialect of Norman French.

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Minsterley Eisteddfod has been held every March in South Shropshire since 1962.

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Eisteddfod idea has been retained by some subsequent world's fairs, and has helped to link the Welsh eisteddfod community to its Welsh-American offshoot.

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On 28 July 1915, the International Eisteddfod held in San Francisco at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition drew competing choirs from around the nation, including one mixed group composed of the German members of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus from New York City The tightly-rehearsed, all-male Orpheus Club of Los Angeles were judged the winner and were awarded $3,000.

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West Coast Eisteddfod was founded by Welsh-American social network AmeriCymru and the non-profit Portland, Oregon, Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation in 2009.

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