22 Facts About El Paso

1. El Paso is a city in and the seat of El Paso County in the western corner of the US state of Texas.

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2. El Paso is a five-time All-America City Award winner, winning in 1969, 2010, 2018, 2020, and 2021, and Congressional Quarterly ranked it in the top-three safest large cities in the United States between 1997 and 2014, including holding the title of safest city between 2011 and 2014.

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3. In 1680, the small village of El Paso became the temporary base for Spanish governance of the territory of New Mexico as a result of the Pueblo Revolt, until 1692, when Santa Fe was reconquered and became the capital.

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4. Additionally, the departure of region's rural population, which was mostly non-Hispanic White, to cities like El Paso, brought a short-term burst of capital and labor, but this was balanced by additional departures of middle-class Americans to other parts of the country that offered new and better-paying jobs.

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5. El Paso is located at the intersection of three states and two countries (Mexico and the US).

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6. El Paso is located within the Chihuahuan Desert, the easternmost section of the Basin and Range Region.

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7. West-central El Paso is located north of Interstate 10 and west of the Franklin Mountains.

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8. El Paso is surrounded by many cities and communities in both Texas and New Mexico.

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9. El Paso is home to one Fortune 500 company, Western Refining, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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10. Automatic Data Processing has an office in West El Paso, employing about 1,100 people with expansion plans to reach 2,200 by 2020.

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11. Tourism is another major industry in El Paso, bringing in $1.5 billion and over 2.3 million visitors annually due to the city's sunny weather, natural beauty, rich cultural history, and many outdoor attractions.

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12. El Paso provides the only platform for young ballet dancers to train and perform at such a level within the city since the folding of Ballet El Paso.

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13. El Paso is home to the Sun Bowl, the second-oldest consecutive college football contest.

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14. The current city manager is Tommy Gonzalez and the current mayor of El Paso is Oscar Leeser, who was elected to the office in 2020.

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15. El Paso is home to bi-national economic development groups; the Hub of Human Innovation and Technology Hub.

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16. El Paso was the largest city in the United States without a PBS television station within the city limits until 1978.

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17. El Paso is the medical hub of West Texas and Southern New Mexico, hosting numerous state-of-the-art medical centers.

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18. El Paso is served by El Paso International Airport and Amtrak via the historic Union Depot.

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19. Several roads and highways connect El Paso, including Interstate 10, US Highway 54, Spur 601 (Liberty Expressway), US Highway 180 and US Highway 62 (Montana Avenue), US Highway 85 (Paisano Drive), Loop 375, Loop 478 (Copia Street-Pershing Drive-Dyer Street), numerous Texas Farm-to-Market roads (a class of state highway commonly abbreviated to FM) and the city's original thoroughfare, State Highway 20, the eastern portion of which is known locally as Alameda Avenue (formerly US Highway 80).

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20. Northeast El Paso is connected to West El Paso by Transmountain Road.

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21. In 2009, El Paso was home to number 52, number 98, and number 100 of the 100 most congested roads in Texas, which are, respectively: North Zaragoza Road between Sun Fire Boulevard and Interstate 10; Lee Trevino Drive between Montana Avenue and Interstate 10; and Interstate 10 between Patriot Freeway and Loop 375.

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22. El Paso averaged 1.82 cars per household in 2016, compared to a national average of 1.8.

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