16 Facts About Embarq


Embarq Corporation was the largest independent local exchange carrier in the United States, serving customers in 18 states and providing local, long-distance, high-speed data and wireless services to residential and business customers.

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Embarq was a landline telephone company that operated as a competitor to the Bell System.

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Embarq grew steadily through acquisitions and changed its name to United Telecommunications in 1972, at which time it provided local telephone service in many areas of the Midwest and South.

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Embarq focused on sales of landline telephone service, high-speed internet, and DISH Network satellite TV.

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Embarq offered bundled services to their customers, with the convenience of one monthly bill and offered discounts for adding additional services.

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Embarq telephone service was a traditional landline Plain-old telephone system .

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Embarq offered many long-distance plans, including unlimited domestic direct-dialed calling.

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Embarq offered fiber-to-the-premises in additional markets, such as parts of Las Vegas, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida.

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Embarq had an established partnership with Dish Network and offered a comprehensive lineup of DISH Network services to its customers.

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Embarq provided wireless phone service only for business accounts; they closed residential wireless business.

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Embarq provided business wireless phone service throughout much of its territory.

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Embarq operated as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator for Sprint PCS.

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Embarq utilized the CDMA band, and their handsets connect primarily to Sprint PCS towers.

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However, Embarq handsets were capable of roaming onto CDMA networks from other carriers.

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Embarq previously worked with NebuAd, a behavioral targeting advertising company to track customers' internet browsing habits.

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Embarq later claimed that its participation with NebuAD was a trial, and that they were not currently using NebuAd for behavioral targeted advertising.

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