38 Facts About Eric Hosmer

1. Eric Hosmer was born in 1980s, in the middle of Millennials generation.

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2. Eric Hosmer would not be eligible for free agency until the 2017 Off season.

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3. Eric Hosmer was rated the eighth best overall prospect by Baseball America, and the top Royals prospect overall.

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4. Eric Hosmer missed some time with a left pinkie finger injury.

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5. Eric Hosmer played a handful of games with the Chukars before a contract dispute with another Boras client, Pittsburgh Pirates second overall pick Pedro Alvarez delayed Hosmer from playing with the team.

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6. Eric Hosmer received a $6 million signing bonus, the largest sum given to a draft pick in Royals history.

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7. Eric Hosmer attracted twenty or more MLB and college scouts who evaluated Hosmer's every move.

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8. Eric Hosmer began playing baseball at an early age, using a Tony Gwynn teeball hitter to take practice swings.

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9. Eric Hosmer finished third in the Rookie of the Year balloting after the 2011 season after hitting.

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10. Eric Hosmer advanced in Minor League Baseball before debuting in MLB during the 2011 season.

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11. Eric Hosmer will be paid $20MM in each of the first five seasons and $13MM in the three remaining years, plus a $5MM signing bonus.

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12. Eric Hosmer has celebrated the total number of 29 birthdays till date.

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13. Eric Hosmer has yet to get married but has never mentioned about getting married soon.

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14. Eric Hosmer is known by the name "Left-handed hitter with raw power" and high school top power hitter.

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15. Eric Hosmer has served Kansas City Royals in MLB for six years; 2011 to 2017.

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16. Eric Hosmer is a professional baseball first baseman who signed the contract with San Diego Padres in the Padres Franchise history.

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17. Eric Hosmer was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on May 6, 2011, with the Kansas City Royals.

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18. Eric Hosmer was born on Tuesday, October 24, 1989, in South Miami, Florida.

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19. Eric Hosmer is usually an initial baseman who bats and throws remaining handed.

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20. Eric Hosmer was created in Miami, Florida in October 1989.

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21. Eric Hosmer has 27 RBI in his first 28 postseason games.

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22. Eric Hosmer was named one of the top-five prep baseball player in the country by nearly every scouting agency when he graduated, including No 2 by Rivals and No 3 by both RISE Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

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23. Eric Hosmer frequently credits his family for his success as a baseball player.

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24. Eric Hosmer changed his jersey to No 30 in honor of former Royals teammate Yordano Ventura, who had died a year earlier.

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25. On February 19, 2018, Eric Hosmer signed an eight-year, $144 million contract with the San Diego Padres, the largest contract in Padres franchise history.

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26. In 2017, Eric Hosmer played all 162 regular season games and finished with a career-high.

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27. Eric Hosmer won his third consecutive Gold Glove Award in 2015.

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28. On November 1, 2015 Eric Hosmer scored the tying run in the 9th inning which eventually led to the Royals win in game 5 of the World Series.

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29. Eric Hosmer recorded the final putout of the AL Central and the American League Championship Series clinching games.

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30. In the 2014 postseason, Eric Hosmer helped lead the Royals to a record-setting run, winning three consecutive extra-inning games.

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31. Prior to his debut, Eric Hosmer was being touted by journalists as a "super-prospect" and the "most-hyped" rookie to debut for the Royals since Bo Jackson.

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32. Eric Hosmer was ranked as the best first baseman prospect in Major League Baseball prior to the 2011 season.

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33. In 2010, Eric Hosmer was named the seventh best first base prospect by Scout.

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34. Instead of heading back to the Chukars, Eric Hosmer was sent to the Arizona Fall League to train.

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35. Eric Hosmer planned to attend Arizona State if negotiations with an MLB team did not go through.

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36. Eric Hosmer was offered a baseball scholarship to Arizona State University.

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37. Eric Hosmer won consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 2013 through 2015 and again in 2017, when he won the Silver Slugger Award.

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38. Eric Hosmer won his 4th Gold Glove last year but as most of us are aware of, the defensive metrics.

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