9 Facts About Ferrari F1

1. On 10 September 2009, Ferrari F1 announced that it would be sponsored by Santander from 2010 on a five-year contract.

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2. At the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix Ferrari F1 added Philip Morris International's new 'Mission Winnow' project logos to the car and team clothing.

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3. In 2009, it had emerged that Ferrari F1 had an FIA-sanctioned veto on the technical regulations.

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4. On 11 September 2018, Ferrari F1 announced that Raikkonen would be leaving for Sauber and Charles Leclerc and Vettel would be the team's race drivers for 2019.

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5. On 26 August 2017, Ferrari F1 announced that Sebastian Vettel had re-signed, meaning that Ferrari's duo of drivers would remain unchanged for the fourth consecutive year in 2018.

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6. In October 2008, Ferrari F1 issued a statement saying that they would reconsider their participation in Formula One beyond the 2009 Formula One season, due to the FIA's desire to introduce standardised engines from 2010.

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7. Michael Schumacher and Ferrari F1 continued their dominant run into the 2001 Formula One season, winning the first two races in Australia and in Malaysia.

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8. In 1978, Ferrari F1 raced with Reutemann and Gilles Villeneuve, and while they managed to produce a solid car, winning five races, it was outclassed by the ground effect Lotus 79.

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9. In 1939, Ferrari F1 started work on a racecar of his own, the Tipo 815.

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