29 Facts About Fourth Doctor


Fourth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

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Fourth Doctor is considered to be one of the most recognisable and iconic incarnations of the Doctor both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

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Fourth Doctor appeared in 172 episodes over a seven-year period, from 1974 to 1981.

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Fourth Doctor appeared in the specials The Five Doctors and made his final appearance as the Doctor in the charity special Dimensions in Time.

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The Fourth Doctor is framed for the assassination of the President of the High Council of Time Lords and put on trial.

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Fourth Doctor is seen to travel alone for the first time, returning to a planet he had visited centuries before.

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On his second visit the Fourth Doctor is remembered as an evil god by the descendants of the colonists, some of whom had become a warrior tribe called the Sevateem.

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The Fourth Doctor brings the intelligent but uneducated Leela to many locales in human history, teaching her about science and her own species' past.

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Fourth Doctor decides to travel to Earth to scan a real Police Box as part of a plan to repair the "Chameleon Circuit", the shape-changing mechanism in the TARDIS.

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Fourth Doctor eventually confronts the figure, who warns him of future dangers.

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Master agrees to help the Fourth Doctor stop the spread of Entropy by adapting the Pharos Project radio telescope on Earth so that they are able to reopen the CVEs.

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The Fourth Doctor begins seeing visions of all his companions and even the Brigadier calling his name.

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Fourth Doctor appears again in the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors.

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The Fourth Doctor had a small cameo at the beginning of Dimensions in Time, warning his Third, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh incarnation to watch out for the Rani.

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Fourth Doctor alludes to his resemblance to the Fourth Doctor by talking about revisiting "old favourite" faces and hints that he too might be or have been the Doctor.

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Fourth Doctor proceeded to use all of the wool provided, resulting in the absurdly long, but iconic, accessory.

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When John Nathan-Turner became the show's producer in Baker's last year, the Fourth Doctor was the first to sport an item of clothing adorned with question marks as a motif, in this case, above the points on his shirt collars.

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Early stories of the Fourth Doctor were characterised by a strong "Gothic Horror" theme.

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For example, in Destiny of the Daleks, Adams included a scene of the Fourth Doctor trapped under a boulder that resembles a similar scene in the second series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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Fourth Doctor instituted a number of changes to the show, including toning down the humour and introducing more science fiction concepts.

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Fourth Doctor ultimately deemed many of the stories left to him by Adams to be unusable, being too close to the humour-driven stories of the previous season.

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Fourth Doctor's stories saw fewer recurring enemies than in previous eras.

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UNIT, which had featured in most of the Third Doctor's adventures, only appeared in four early Fourth Doctor stories, playing a minor role in its last appearance, season 13's The Seeds of Doom in which none of the regular UNIT staff appeared.

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The Fourth Doctor appears in Sarah Jane's flashback in The Mad Woman in the Attic, via footage taken from The Hand of Fear.

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In "The Name of the Fourth Doctor, " he is seen briefly by Clara Oswald wandering around the TARDIS.

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The Fourth Doctor is seen briefly during Missy's exposition of the Twelfth Doctor's fighting android assassins.

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Audiences in the United States, who saw the show only in syndication, Tom Baker was the incarnation of the Fourth Doctor who is the best known, since his episodes were the ones most frequently broadcast stateside.

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Fourth Doctor had a cameo on Futurama emerging from the stomach of a space whale, and another episode, where he is briefly seen running into the TARDIS.

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Fourth Doctor is frequently impersonated by impressionist Jon Culshaw on the radio and television series Dead Ringers, who voiced the Doctor for the Big Finish audio The Kingmaker.

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