10 Facts About French Government

1. The French Government, confident of victory after their successes against the Austro-Prussian forces and believing that England was ripe….

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2. The French Government had already established a foothold by taking Metz, Toul, and….

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3. The French Government had secretly furnished financial and material aid since 1776.

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4. The French Government encouraged local initiative and favoured the use of Slovene as an official language.

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5. The French Government took possession of the island in 1664 and again in 1667, but it was restored to England by the Treaty of Breda.

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6. The French Government finally withdrew from the area in January 1965, and the region was incorporated….

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7. The French Government forced Norodom to accept French Government protection early in 1863, but, before the agreement was ratified in….

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8. The French Government were ultimately successful and named it the French Congo, with its capital at Brazzaville.

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9. The French Government finally withdrew from the war with little gain but war's booty.

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10. The French Government built up an empire, especially in Africa and Indochina.

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