13 Facts About Gateshead


Gateshead is first mentioned in Latin translation in Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People as ad caput caprae.

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Gateshead collected tallow from all over England and sold it across the globe.

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Gateshead imported dyes from the Indies, as well as flax, wine, and grain.

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Gateshead operated the largest coal mines in the area, and was a leading salt producer.

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Gateshead was one of the founders of Walter Willson's, a chain of grocers in the North East and Cumbria.

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In 1835, Gateshead was established as a municipal borough and in 1889 it was made a county borough, independent from Durham County Council.

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In 1974, following the Local Government Act 1972, the County Borough of Gateshead was merged with the urban districts of Felling, Whickham, Blaydon and Ryton and part of the rural district of Chester-le-Street to create the much larger Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead.

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Town of Gateshead is situated in the North East of England in the ceremonial county of Tyne and Wear, and within the historic boundaries of County Durham.

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The latest ONS urban sub-division of Gateshead contains the historical County Borough together with areas that the town has absorbed, including Dunston, Felling, Heworth, Pelaw and Bill Quay.

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The Tyneside metropolitan area, which contains the borough of Gateshead, has a population of 829, 300; the NewcastleGateshead urban core area has population of 480, 400.

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Gateshead is home to the MetroCentre, the largest shopping mall in the UK until 2008; and the Team Valley Trading Estate, once the largest and still one of the larger purpose-built commercial estates in the UK.

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Several major road links pass through Gateshead, including the A1 which links London to Edinburgh and the A184 which connects the town to Sunderland.

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Gateshead is twinned with the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen in France, and the city of Komatsu in Japan.

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