28 Facts About Goose Gossage

1. Goose Gossage appeared in the postseason in two other years for the Yankees.

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2. Goose Gossage said that the most important people for him in becoming a real pitcher were Tanner, Sain and Allen.

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3. Goose Gossage had 15 complete games, seven shutouts, and led the league in ERA and wins.

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4. Goose Gossage was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 16, 1972, with the Chicago White Sox.

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5. Goose Gossage was born on Thursday, July 5, 1951, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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6. Goose Gossage is an avid guitarist, and collaborated on a 2015 album with progressive rock icon Ralph Docker.

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7. Goose Gossage has reached baseball's heights despite a boyhood that resembled a Rocky Mountain low.

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8. The Red Sox game was a watershed, Goose Gossage says, because it was the one in which he began to relish pitching under supreme pressure.

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9. Goose Gossage struck out Carney Lansford and retired Dan Ford and Jason Thompson on weak flies.

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10. Goose Gossage has written an autobiography, released in 2000, entitled The Goose is Loose.

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11. Goose Gossage owned a hamburger restaurant in Parker, Colorado, called Burgers N Sports.

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12. Goose Gossage made nine All-Star appearances and pitched in three World Series.

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13. Goose Gossage pitched over 130 innings as a reliever in three different seasons.

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14. Goose Gossage signed with the Seattle Mariners for the 1994 season.

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15. Goose Gossage signed one-year contracts to pitch for the Oakland Athletics in 1992 and 1993.

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16. Goose Gossage signed with the Texas Rangers for the 1991 season.

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17. Goose Gossage became a free agent after the 1983 season, and insisted that he would not resign with New York.

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18. Goose Gossage became upset with Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner for meddling with the team.

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19. Goose Gossage holds the Yankees' career record for ERA and hits per nine innings (6.59) among pitchers with at least 500 innings for the team.

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20. In 1983, his last season with the Yankees, Goose Gossage broke Sparky Lyle's club record of 141 career saves; Dave Righetti passed his final total of 150 in 1988.

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21. Goose Gossage missed some of the 1979 season with the Yankees with a thumb injury sustained in a locker-room fight with teammate Cliff Johnson.

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22. Goose Gossage became a free agent after the 1977 season, and signed with the New York Yankees.

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23. Goose Gossage was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008.

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24. Goose Gossage is the career leader in blown saves.

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25. At the Hall of Fame induction in 2008, Goose Gossage expressed gratitude to a number of baseball people who had helped him through his career, and several times described his Hall of Fame week experience as "amazing".

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26. Goose Gossage lives in his home town, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is active in the community promoting and sponsoring youth sports.

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27. Goose Gossage recorded saves in all three Yankee victories in the 1981 AL Division Series against the Milwaukee Brewers, not allowing a run in 6⅔ innings, and he was again the final pitcher when they clinched the 1981 pennant against the Oakland Athletics.

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28. Goose Gossage led the American League in saves in 1975 (26).

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