21 Facts About Greater Sudbury

1. Greater Sudbury has produced 81 NHL hockey players, a number larger than any European city, including Hockey Hall of Fame inductees George Armstrong, Art Ross, and Al Arbour.

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2. Greater Sudbury is the only census division in Northern Ontario that maintains a system of numbered municipal roads, similar to the county road system in the southern part of the province.

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3. Greater Sudbury is served by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, headquartered in downtown Sudbury.

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4. Greater Sudbury is the site of the Regional Cancer Program, which treats cancer patients from across the north.

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5. Greater Sudbury serves as the health care centre for much of northeastern Ontario through Health Sciences North.

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6. Greater Sudbury is home to the Science North Production Team, an award-winning producer of documentary films and multimedia presentations for museums.

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7. Greater Sudbury is a bilingual city with a large francophone population.

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8. Greater Sudbury is the most populous municipality and census metropolitan area in Northern Ontario.

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9. Greater Sudbury hosts a professional basketball team, the Sudbury Five, who play at the Sudbury Community Arena.

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10. Greater Sudbury is home to the Blue Saints Drum and Bugle Corps, a youth drum corps active since 1952.

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11. Greater Sudbury has numerous community theatre companies throughout the city, including its first and only for-charity theatre company, UP Theatre.

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12. Greater Sudbury is built around many small, rocky mountains with exposed igneous rock of the Canadian Shield.

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13. Greater Sudbury is divided into two main watersheds: to the east is the French River Watershed which flows into Georgian Bay and to the west is the Spanish River Watershed which flows into Lake Huron.

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14. Greater Sudbury has 330 lakes over 10 hectares within the city limits.

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15. Greater Sudbury was the fastest-growing city and one of the wealthiest cities in Canada for most of the decade.

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16. Greater Sudbury is credited with the original discovery of the ore body at Falconbridge.

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17. Greater Sudbury was incorporated as a town in 1893, and its first mayor was Stephen Fournier.

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18. Greater Sudbury is home to a large Franco-Ontarian population that influences its arts and culture.

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19. Greater Sudbury has since expanded from its resource-based economy to emerge as the major retail, economic, health and educational centre for Northeastern Ontario.

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20. Greater Sudbury was once a major lumber centre and a world leader in nickel mining.

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21. Greater Sudbury was formed in 2001 by merging the cities and towns of the former Regional Municipality of Sudbury with several previously unincorporated townships.

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