26 Facts About Art Ross

1. In 1984, Art Ross was presented with the Lester Patrick Trophy, named for his 1910s ticket scalping business partner, honoring the winner's contribution to ice hockey in the United States.

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2. Art Ross was an inaugural inductee to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1949.

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3. Art Ross led Boston to the 1939 Stanley Cup championship over the Toronto Maple Leafs in a five game battle.

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4. At the helm of the Bruins in 1924, Art Ross began building a championship team around Hall of Famers defenseman Eddie Shore, goalie Cecil "Tiny" Thompson and forwards Ralph "Cooney" Weiland and Cy Denneny.

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5. Art Ross had a relatively long, playing career, primarily in the National Hockey Association with the Montreal Wanderers and Ottawa Senators and won two Stanley Cups.

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6. Art Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida on 29 October 1942.

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7. Art Ross said the Dunn Museum exhibit will allow him to display work the public hasn't seen before, including drawings, art work and three dimensional sculptures.

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8. Art Ross became a naturalized American citizen on April 22, 1938.

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9. Art Ross was named coach and manager of the Boston Bruins in 1924 and moved his family to Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, after being hired.

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10. Art Ross was married to Muriel, a native of Montreal, and had two sons, Art and John.

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11. Art Ross gave that career up when he began playing hockey professionally.

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12. Art Ross had moved to Brandon, Manitoba, in 1905 at the advice of his parents so he could get a job with a bank, with a salary of $600 per year.

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13. Art Ross would coach the team for the next four seasons and become the second general manager of the Bruins when Ross retired at the end of October 1954.

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14. In 1949, Art Ross had signed Georges Boucher as coach, but Boucher did not work well with Ross and team president Weston Adams.

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15. On March 26, 1931, Art Ross substituted a sixth skater for goaltender Tiny Thompson in the final minute of play in a playoff game against the Montreal Canadiens.

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16. Art Ross acquired Cy Denneny from Ottawa and made him a player-assistant-coach while he assumed the role of coach and team manager.

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17. Art Ross signed goaltender Cecil "Tiny" Thompson in 1928, who was with a team in Minnesota, despite never watching him play; Ralph "Cooney" Weiland was brought over from Minnesota.

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18. Art Ross realized the potential talent available and convinced Adams to pay the money.

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19. Art Ross utilized his many hockey connections throughout Canada and the United States to sign players.

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20. Art Ross responded by declaring himself a free agent and claiming his contract with the Wanderers was no longer valid.

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21. Art Ross received $2,700 to play in the 1910 season, which lasted from January to March, playing twelve games for the team and finishing with six goals.

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22. Art Ross helped the team to finish first in the ECAHA and retain the Cup in 1908 with challenges from Ottawa, Winnipeg and Toronto.

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23. Art Ross moved to Montreal in 1902 to play in organized hockey leagues, living in the affluent Westmount district.

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24. Art Ross was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1949.

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25. Outside of his association with the Bruins, Art Ross helped to improve the game.

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26. Art Ross was on Stanley Cup championship teams twice in a playing career that lasted thirteen seasons; in January 1907 with the Kenora Thistles and 1908 with the Montreal Wanderers.

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