32 Facts About Guillermo del Toro

1. Guillermo del Toro has a distinct style with particular themes pervading his filmography.

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2. Guillermo del Toro wrote four episodes and directed five episodes of the cult series La Hora Marcada, along with other Mexican filmmakers such as Emmanuel Lubezki and Alfonso Cuaron.

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3. Guillermo del Toro said: "I have a room of my library at home called 'The Dickens room'.

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4. Guillermo del Toro has Brazil, Nosferatu, Freaks and Bram Stoker's Dracula listed among his favourite movies.

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5. Guillermo del Toro describes Lewis as "too Catholic" for him, despite the fact that Lewis was never a Catholic.

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6. Guillermo del Toro maintains residences in Toronto and Los Angeles, and returns to Guadalajara every six weeks to visit his family.

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7. Guillermo del Toro started dating Lorenza when both were studying at the Instituto de Ciencias in Guadalajara.

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8. Guillermo del Toro was married to Lorenza Newton, cousin of Mexican singer Guadalupe Pineda.

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9. Guillermo del Toro was selected to be on the jury for the main competition section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

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10. Guillermo del Toro is close friends with two other prominent and critically praised Mexican filmmakers Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

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11. Guillermo del Toro was ultimately unhappy with the way Miramax had treated him during production, which led to his friend James Cameron almost coming to blows with Miramax co-founder and owner Harvey Weinstein during the 70th Academy Awards.

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12. In 1997, at the age of 33, Guillermo del Toro was given a $30 million budget from Miramax Films to shoot another film, Mimic.

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13. Guillermo del Toro spent 10 years as a special-effects make-up designer and formed his own company, Necropia.

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14. Guillermo del Toro was raised in a strict Catholic household.

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15. Guillermo del Toro is good friends with fellow Mexican filmmakers Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro G Inarritu, collectively known as "The Three Amigos of Cinema".

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16. Guillermo del Toro is known for his use of insectile and religious imagery, the themes of Catholicism and celebrating imperfection, underworld and clockwork motifs, practical special effects, dominant amber lighting and his frequent collaborations with actors Ron Perlman and Doug Jones.

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17. Guillermo del Toro directed the gothic romance film Crimson Peak.

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18. Guillermo del Toro is best known for the Academy Award-winning fantasy films Pan's Labyrinth and The Shape of Water (2017), winning the Academy Award for Best Director and the Academy Award for Best Picture for the latter.

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19. Guillermo del Toro decided that he was no longer safe in Mexico, and despite his disdain for Mimic the director decided to move his family to America permanently.

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20. Over the next couple of years, Guillermo del Toro would stay in James Cameron's guest home for long periods of time, while the duo would even provide notes on each other's movies as well.

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21. Guillermo del Toro had put all of the money that he had into Mimic, and the rest of his family didn't have anywhere near amount that was required to free Federico.

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22. Guillermo del Toro has celebrated the total number of 54 birthdays till date.

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23. Guillermo del Toro will turn 55 on 09 October, 2019.

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24. Guillermo del Toro spoke about his Mexican roots in his acceptance speech for Best Director and said, "I am an immigrant … The greatest thing our industry does is to erase the lines in the sand when the world tells us to make them deeper.

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25. Guillermo del Toro worked as the art director for del Toro's 1986 film, Dona Lupe.

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26. Guillermo del Toro was born October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.

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27. Guillermo del Toro married Lorenza Newton in 1986, with the couple going on to have two daughters.

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28. Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and novelist.

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29. Guillermo del Toro is, of course, no stranger to superhero adaptations.

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30. Guillermo del Toro is no stranger to the superhero genre, having directed Blade II and two Hellboy movies to critical acclaim.

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31. Guillermo del Toro is no stranger to the superhero genre, having directed Blade II and two Hellboy movies to critical acclaim.

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32. Guillermo del Toro is directing a stop motion musical 'Pinocchio' movie for Netflix.

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