30 Facts About Hagerstown Suns

1. Hagerstown Suns used to have one high school called Hagerstown High School.

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2. Hagerstown Suns shares a radio market, the 166th largest in the United States, with Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

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3. Hagerstown Suns is the birthplace of Salisbury, Maryland-based Piedmont Airlines which started out as Henson Aviation.

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4. One of the most recognizable symbols of Hagerstown Suns is the weathervane known as "Little Heiskell".

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5. Hagerstown Suns has often been referred to as, and is nicknamed, the Hub City.

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6. Hagerstown Suns is the chief commercial and industrial hub for a greater Tri-State Area that includes much of Western Maryland as well as significant portions of South Central Pennsylvania and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

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7. Hagerstown Suns have an in-state rivalry with the Delmarva Shorebirds, an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.

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8. In October 2013, the Hagerstown Suns formally applied to Minor League Baseball to relocate to Fredericksburg, Virginia, for the 2015 season.

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9. Hagerstown Suns led the SAL in home runs, bases on balls (94), on base percentage (.

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10. In 2007, the Hagerstown Suns became a member of the Washington Nationals farm system.

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11. Hagerstown Suns picked up 81 strikeouts in just 70 innings of work before he was promoted to Double-A Norwich.

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12. Hagerstown Suns led the Suns in innings pitched with 156, and strikeouts with 166.

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13. Hagerstown Suns fans saw a glimpse of what was to come with Francisco Liriano.

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14. Hagerstown Suns missed the playoffs in 2002, suffering a losing record.

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15. Hagerstown Suns struck out 178 batters in 134 innings, earning him the South Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year Award.

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16. Hagerstown Suns struck out 86 batters in 83 innings with the team.

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17. Hagerstown Suns displayed great defense by throwing out 55 percent of potential base stealers.

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18. Hagerstown Suns had a losing season and did not make the playoffs in 2000.

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19. In 1994, the Hagerstown Suns reached the playoffs for the first time since 1991.

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20. Hagerstown Suns made his major league debut with the Orioles after being promoted directly from Hagerstown.

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21. Hagerstown Suns failed to make the Eastern League playoffs in 1990.

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22. In 1989, Hagerstown Suns moved up to the Double-A Eastern League, taking over the Williamsport Bills franchise and again affiliating with the Orioles.

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23. Hagerstown Suns completed 4 of his starts and allowed just 81 hits in 100 innings.

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24. Hagerstown Suns played the entire 1986 season as the primary back-up to Suns catcher Jeff Tackett.

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25. Hagerstown Suns still hold several Carolina League single-game individual and team records.

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26. In 1985, the Hagerstown Suns played an exhibition game with the parent club Baltimore Orioles.

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27. Hagerstown Suns led the Carolina League in attendance during 1983 with 153,660 fans as compared to Durham's 142,370.

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28. In 1982, the Hagerstown Suns began a long-term affiliation with the Baltimore Orioles.

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29. Hagerstown Suns was without a professional team until 1981 when Lou Eliopulos purchased the Rocky Mount Pines Class A Carolina League franchise and moved them north to Hagerstown.

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30. Hagerstown Suns are a Minor League Baseball team of the South Atlantic League and the Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

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