24 Facts About Hartford Courant


Hartford Courant is the largest daily newspaper in the U S state of Connecticut, and is considered to be the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.

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Hartford Courant was occasionally a name for English-language newspapers, including the New-England Hartford Courant, founded by James Franklin in 1721.

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The New York Post claims to be the oldest continuously published daily newspaper, and while it is true the Post start daily publishing 35 years before The Hartford Courant did, The Connecticut Hartford Courant existed as a weekly paper for nearly 4 decades before the New York Post was even founded by Alexander Hamilton as the New-York Evening Post.

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However, The Connecticut Hartford Courant existed as a weekly paper for nearly 7 decades before the Providence Journal was founded.

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Hartford Courant was purchased in 1979 by Times Mirror, the Los Angeles Times parent company for $105.

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Hartford Courant won a 1992 Pulitzer Prize for inquiring into problems with the Hubble Space Telescope, and it won a 1999 Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News category for coverage of a 1998 murder-suicide that took five lives at Connecticut Lottery headquarters.

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In 2000, Times Mirror and the Hartford Courant became part of the Tribune Company, one of the world's largest multimedia companies.

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In 2005, The Hartford Courant became the most recent American newspaper to win the Society for News Design's World's Best Designed Newspaper award.

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In 2014, the Hartford Courant purchased the ReminderNews chain of weekly newspapers.

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In 2018, the Hartford Courant joined more than 300 newspapers in releasing editorials in response to President's Trump's anti-media rhetoric, a show of solidarity initiated by The Boston Globe.

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Nancy Tracy of the Hartford Courant was a 1984 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Feature Writing for her moving depiction of Meg Casey, a victim of premature aging.

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Robert S Capers and Eric Lipton of the Hartford Courant won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Journalism for their series on how a flawed mirror built at Connecticut's Perkin-Elmer Corporation immobilized the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Hartford Courant Staff won the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Reporting for its coverage of a shooting rampage in which a state lottery employee killed four supervisors then himself.

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Reporters Mike McIntire and Jack Dolan of the Hartford Courant were 2001 Pulitzer Prize Finalists in Investigative Reporting for their work in revealing the mistakes of practicing doctors who have faced disciplinary action.

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Lisa Chedekel and Matthew Kauffman of the Hartford Courant were 2007 Pulitzer Prize Finalists in Investigative Reporting for their in-depth reporting on suicide rates among American soldiers in Iraq which led to congressional and military action addressing the issues raised in the series.

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Hartford Courant Staff was a 2013 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for its comprehensive and compassionate coverage of the 2012 shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Hartford Courant weighed in on the contentious and antagonistic 2016 Presidential Election, endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican candidate Donald Trump.

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The Hartford Courant went on to endorse independent candidate Oz Griebel in the general election.

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The Hartford Courant took a stronger stance in its 2020 endorsement against Trump than it did in 2016, arguing that a vote for Trump was a vote for racism.

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Gombossy charged that the Hartford Courant had spiked an article he had written about an ongoing investigation by the Connecticut attorney general accusing Sleepy's of selling used and bedbug-infested mattresses as new.

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Gombossy's lawsuit against the Hartford Courant was thrown out by a Connecticut Superior Court judge in July 2010.

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Competitors had accused the Hartford Courant of taking its content without permission and refusing to give proper credit.

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Camp Courant is the largest free summer day camp in the country and is the only summer camp servicing Hartford's inner-city youth.

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Camp Courant is located on a 36-acre site in Farmington, which is leased from the City of Hartford.

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