11 Facts About Haryana

1. Haryana is home to Haryana Gold, one of India's eight professional basketball teams which compete in the country's UBA Pro Basketball League.

2. The Board conducts examinations for Haryana Open School at senior and senior secondary levels twice a year.

3. Literacy rate in Haryana has seen an upward trend and is 76.64 percent as per 2011 population census.

4. The rest of the cities of Haryana comes under Haryana Telecommunication System.

5. Rail network in Haryana is covered by 5 rail divisions under 3 rail zones.

6. Haryana is traditionally an agrarian society of zamindars.

7. Haryana has become the first state to implement Aadhaar-enabled birth registration in all the districts.

8. Only hot spring of Haryana is the Sohna Sulphur Hot Spring at Sohna in Gurugram district.

9. Name Haryana is found in the works of the 12th-century AD Apabhramsha writer Vibudh Shridhar.

10. Since Haryana surrounds the country's capital Delhi on three sides, consequently a large area of Haryana is included in the economically-important National Capital Region for the purposes of planning and development.

11. Haryana, carved out of the former state of East Punjab on 1November 1966 on linguistic as well as on cultural basis, is one of the 29 states in India.