14 Facts About HBO Europe


HBO Europe is a premium television group of channels by HBO.

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HBO Europe has offices in Prague, Belgrade, Bratislava, Bucharest, Zagreb, Lisbon, Madrid, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Sofia and Warsaw.

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In 2011 HBO entered the market of streaming services with launching HBO Go's localized Central European version.

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HBO Europe owns premium film channels in its Central European operating area under the names HBO, HBO2, HBO3, Cinemax and Cinemax2.

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HBO Europe serves as the flagship channel of the portfolio, while HBO Europe2's programming consists of mainly family-friendly content.

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Former comedy channel HBO Europe Comedy was rebranded in 2016 as HBO Europe3, a premium channel focusing on television series.

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HBO Europe Go is the leading streaming service in all of the countries in which it operates - as of August, 2019, it has 5.

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Meanwhile, HBO Europe Go is developed in Budapest, Nordic and Espana services are headquartered in Stockholm.

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In Spain, HBO Europe programs were previously broadcast on pay television service Canal+, since 2011.

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HBO Europe had announced on multiple occasions that they were not aware that they were going to replace their current service with HBO Max, nor would their rates be increased.

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In 2019, HBO Europe's streaming service was introduced in Portugal as HBO Europe Portugal.

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In 2019, less than a year before the discontinuation of TVSeries, HBO Europe launched a standalone streaming service called HBO Portugal.

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Similar to the Nordics and Spain, HBO Max was launched in Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe on March 8,2022, replacing HBO Go and HBO Portugal.

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HBO Europe is one of the largest producer companies for television in Central and Eastern Europe, operating HBO Europe Original Programming Ltd.

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